Dr Thanki Liver Care Powder

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Note: Each time it is necessary to take isabgol husk before taking this medicine.
Patient should take: light food , leafy vegetables, fruits, curd, and milk.
Avoid: More oily and gravy food, gud (sugar palm), pickles.

  • Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Related Problem

    Ingredients: Bhringrajj, Bhumi-Avla,Tulsi patra, Kasni, Harad, Punarnava Mul, Giloy, Avla, Revat chini, Vaywidang, Sarpunkha mul, pitta papada, Talis-Patra, chitrak chhal, Karchur, Nishoth, mulethi, rohida chhal , Makoy, Kasaundi, arjun chhal

    Liver related problem:

    1. Liver Enlargement

    2. Enlarged spleen

    3. Swelling in Liver

    4. Jaundice

    5. Constipation

    6. Indigestion

    7. Low Appetite

    8. Indigestion During Pregnancy

    9. Gas Trouble

    10. Dirty Gas

    11. Liver Psoriasis

    And so many other Liver related problems.

    Specialty of Our liver Medicine:-

    The sufferer of the Liver problem having less enzyme secretion, which causes Dry Stool and Dirty Gas Trouble. This medicine helps in this type of problem in a short period if taken as dosages suggested by the physician. 

    As healthy Liver can digest food in taken hence give healthiness. Everybody knows that is the Liver a master organ human body to send food, medicines to the right place. A person having a healthy Liver as the medicine will go to a proper place, so it helps to recover illness fast.


    3/4 tsp mix with one cup of fresh water and left for 30-45 minutes to settle, then stir properly and intake twice a day for general patients and thrice a day if the condition is acute or chronic or as advised by the physician.

    If a patient is unable to take this medicine by this way in or if the medication is to be given to a child or an infant, then we suggest the following method to make the extract:

    Boil four teaspoonfuls of powder in 250 ml of water in low flame till 100 ml of water is evaporated. Than cool & filter and pour into a bottle. This would be the best liver tonic than any others available in the market. The patient who does not like the powder medicine with water, this tonic extract is the best for them.


    For an infant:     1 tsp thrice a day 

    For baby:        2 tsp thrice a day

    For Adults:     4 tsp without water 3-4 times a day, or as directed by the physician.

    Ayurveda Herbal Treatment for Thyroid:-

    Our Researchers suggest a combination of our three Ayurveda Herbal Medicine produced by us.

    Dr.Thanki’s Liver care powder

    Dosages: 3/4 tsp mix with one cup of fresh water and left for 30-45 minutes to settle, then stir in and adequately take twice a day.


    Dr.Thanki’s Blood Purifier capsule:

    One capsule twice a day.


    Dr. Thanki’s DVT protector Add on vitalizer:

    Take 1 tsp of isabgol husk with fresh water, and after 10 minutes take 1 tsp this medicine with freshwater, twice a day, and if the patient’s weight is more than 80 kg, then take the dose as same for three times a day.


    The patient can take :   light food, leafy vegetables, fruits, curd, and milk

    Patient Can't in take :   More oily and gravy food, gud (sugar palm), pickles, alcohol, tobacco


     Active Ingredients

    1. Eclipta alb

    2. Embelia Ribes 

    3. Ocimum sanctum

    4. Cichorium intybus

    5. Terminalia chebula

    6. Terminalia arjuna

    7. Tinospora cordifolia

    8. Boerhavia diffusa

    9. Emblica Officinalis 

    10. Rheum emodi wall 

    11. Tephrosia purpurea

    12. Fumaria Vaillant

    13. Abies webbiana

    14. Plumbago zeylanica

    15. Curcuma zedoariae

    16. Operculina turpethum

    17. Glycyrrhiza glabra

    18. Tecomella undullata

    19. Solanum nigrum

    20. Cassia occidentalis

    21. Phyllanthus urinaria

    Troubles And Problems a person face when master gland organ Liver is sick: 

    When a person having poor liver function faces health challenges, poor mental sharpness, or a general lack of vitality, frequent headaches & Poor liver function can trigger high blood pressure. 

    It can create autoimmune disorders such as inflammatory conditions, muscle, and joint pain, and chronic fatigue is frequently a result of a toxic liver. Another by-product of a toxic liver is the presence of unstable blood sugar levels in the body. 

    Gallbladder problems and gallstones can also be a result of poor liver function. 


    In summary – when your Liver is not able to effectively cleanse your blood, all the toxins you ingest and that are also absorbed are then passed virtually unchecked back into your body systems where they can negatively affect every cell.

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.


    From the desk of Chairman

    As our company engaged in researching Ayurveda Herbal Medicines by a combination of herbs, shrubs, and bhasma. As in our holy books, there is no herbal extract written anywhere it is written for crude herbs means Ayurveda does not permit to manufacture any Medicine of herbal extract; hence we decided to make our products with the best quality pesticide-free herbs & shrubs. 

    We succeeded in it now. The valuable effective and result oriented combination is proven of Dr. Thanki’s Liver care powder before you.

    We found excellent results of this Herbal Ayurvedic medicine on any Liver patients.

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