Ajit Dolai 60yrs Oral Cancer Patient

Dated : 19-03-2021     Patient Name : Ajit Dolai     Age : 60 years old

Ajit Dolai 60yrs Oral Cancer Patient

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Noorul Islam Ansari Oral Ansari

Dated : 14-02-2021     Patient Name : Noorul Islam Ansari     Age : 49 years old

Mouth cancer oral cancer

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Satya prakash singh-40yrs-oral cancer-mouth cancer

Dated : 12-07-2018     Patient Name : Satya Prakash Singh     Age : 40 years old

Abnormalities In Uterus (Bi Coronative Uterus), Cancer, Oral Cancer, Uncategorized

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Milkh Raj Arora-68Yrs-esophagus cancer -oral cancer

Dated : 12-07-2018     Patient Name : Milkh Raj Arora     Age : 68 years old

Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Oesophagus Cancer, Oral Cancer, Uncategorized

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Satpal Goyal-50yrs-Esophagus cancer-oral cancer

Dated : 04-07-2018     Patient Name : Satpal Goyal     Age : 50 years old

My name is satpal goel and i belong to Abohar i found blockage in food pipe i went to Max Hospital at Sri Ganganagar they operated and removed tumors and sent it for test to mumbai where report found of food pipe cancer.

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Laxman singh-56yrs-tongue cancer-throat cancer-oral cancer

Dated : 07-06-2018     Patient Name : Laxman Singh     Age : 56 years old

the patient made with paralytic attack in right side in january 2018 after some time found two tumor on right chik after investigation found cancer in tongue and in both tumor.The patients was referred by one of the patient of satpura he is some how relative of the patient. We...

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Jugal kishor jajra-65yrs-Metastatic oral-Throat cancer

Dated : 28-01-2018     Patient Name : Jugal Kishor     Age : 65 years old

My name is Surendra Jajra s/o Shri Jugal kishor jajra. We are four kids of him.I am writing about my fathers problem of cancer. He was first detected cancer in throat we take chemo and radiation by Dr sultan Ahmed in Mumbai after that he was alright till 2017 with a normal and...

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RAM PAL SINGH-62yrs-neck cancer-oral tumor

Dated : 25-10-2017     Patient Name : Ram Pal Singh     Age : 62 years old

After 2.9.14 the tumor was totally destroyed he taken another course of 45 days . Now he did not have any problem.

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ALOK SHARMA-42yrs-Oral METASTATIS Cancer-chick cancer

Dated : 21-10-2017     Patient Name : Alok Sharma     Age : 42 years old

Cancer, Larynx Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Neck Cancer, Oral Cancer, Tongue Cancer, Uncategorized

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BIHARI LALL PODDAR -64yrs-Toungue Cancer

Dated : 10-07-2016     Patient Name : Bihari Lal Poddar     Age : 64 years old

My name is Bihari Lal Poddar residing at Delhi, I am a patient of mouth ulcer I am giving details of my history as follows

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OM SINGH-32 Years-Neck Cancer.

Dated : 06-07-2016     Patient Name : Om Singh     Age : 32 years old

I mr omsingh s/o shri Babu singh Bhati AIRCEL office security guard and i was working for 5 years. I am suffering with this disease since 2013 . When i visited to Dr they told this is

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ANANADU RAI-60yrs- Metastatis Oral cancer

Dated : 03-02-2014     Patient Name : Anandu Rai     Age : 60 years old

My name is anandu rai and i am 60 yrs old i found cancer in my mouth so i went to mahavur cancer institute for treatment they have taken some flesh from my cheek and send it mumbai for investigation and the result came that cancer cell are spreaded in my liver and kidney.

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