Our vision


In our opinion, Ayurveda means the treatment of an ill person by natural products given by God directly on the earth. In Ayurvedic therapy, the manufacturers are taking precautions that nature and chemical composition of ingredients should not be hampered so that all ingredients work correctly on the patient’s body. And the combination of herbs, bhasmas will give fast results as a cumulative effect.

In our opinion, Unani therapy is just like a younger brother of Ayurveda. In this therapy, also the manufacturer maintains all properties of ingredients to be safe. When we look at the history of medicine, we find Homeopathy as the elder son of Ayurveda. The person who knows Ayurveda is called Ayurvedacharya, and who knows Unani medicine is called Hakim Saheb, both were assessing the disease of a patient based on vata, pitta, and kapha dosa. 


Whereas in Homeopathy, the doctor is giving medicine as per the symptoms of a patient. The founder of Homeopathy was Hahnemann. In Homeopathy, the drug manufactured from natural sources like Ayurveda and Unani systems. The only difference is that they are taking the nano part of ingredients without changing the loss of the properties of ingredients. That’s why Ayurvedic concepts do not accept it, and hence we consider Homeopathy as an elder son of Ayurveda.


In the same century, the scientists studied the ancient Indian Vedas, Purans, Geeta, Ramayana, etc. and found two miraculous products PARAS STONE and AMRITA. Paras Stone is a TouchStone, and it believed that when it rubbed on the surface of a piece of iron, it gets converted into gold. And Amrita means No Death. It is a liquid elixir, and it believed that on consuming it, a person becomes immortal and remains young forever. The scientists tried to make these miraculous products but did not succeed as they could not decode the secrets given in ancient books. However, they tried by mixing some herbs solutions and some natural mineral solutions. And instead of getting these two products, they got some other products. Thus the study of chemistry started.


Some hundred years back, what those scientists have researched, and they started trials on human beings and found some results on curing and caring ill person. We can say that this was the starting of modern medical science. We observed it as a younger son of Ayurveda, which covers 97% of the medical market right now. So we can say younger son was too smart and left behind Ayurveda as market share. The work for modern medical science called Allopathy.


We are always listening that the chemicals present in modern drugs are called SALT. Why it called so, no one thought about it but simply called it SALT. We tried to get the answer and found that medical science is making the most of the chemical drugs by making salts from natural herbs. And as we know that the 99% herbs and shrubs are Basic in Nature and the scientists of medical science make a solution by some acid or to say treat herbs or shrubs as a chemical reaction by acid on herbs, there is a perfect equation that Acid+ Base=Salt +Water. That is the reason why the chemicals present in modern drugs are called Salt.


As we know, Ayurveda is a Holy book of around 3000 years back when there was no pollution in the environment, and the medicines were manufacture by a combination of herbs and shrubs and different parts of trees. Some natural minerals, some ores, some animals, some animals found in the sea and on mountains, prepared Bhasmas, Pasties, etc. and they were working on mankind, alone or with combination and they worked well on the patients to care and cure diseases. But now we are residing in a polluted atmosphere which is always surrounded by bad air. Thus we are forced to inhale this polluted air and atmosphere, which creates acid in our body and induces illness.


So the medicine described in ancient books, if we manufacture in this age and as the medicine’s cumulative effect, is acidic, it will not work on our body, and it may create more acidity in the human body. When we started doing research on medicines for different diseases, we kept the first thing in our mind that the cumulative effect of medicines should not be acidic.


As all combinations for different medicines give cumulative effect as basic, the theory of medical science matches well where the human body is considered acidic. That is, acid (human body) + base (our medicine) = Salt + Water. We have found fast and very good results for our medicine on patients.


Initially, we have divided illness into two categories, one is a disease, and the other is an ailment, as the medical science experimented on the mouse to identify the working efficiency of the medicines on ailments such as loose motion, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. We accept the working ability of the modern drug on ailment is rather better than our Ayurvedic drug. 


From our Shastras ( Old Science ), we knew that the toxic matter removed from the human body by giving a penetrating experience in ailment conditions. Still, as per our Shastras, it should not stop to remove it because along with its toxins removes out from the body and deposit of toxins causes crucial disease.


Now in research, we find that there are two types of diseases. One created due to inserted virus, areas, germs, bacteria, or any other thing which gets inserted in our body by air or water or infusing in our body by biting, breath, skin, or in any other ways. The other diseases are those who are self-generated, like Cancer, kidney failure, kidney stone, tumor, gout, abscess, etc. and generally. 


It found that the cause of these diseases are hormonal or enzymatic imbalance and toxic materials generation or conversion of toxic material into uric acid or some other kind of bad oxalates, etc.


As we know, our body does not permit anything to be inserted in our body or to say foreign particles are not permitted, and they give us painful experience. We go to doctors where we find, by investigating that we have a disease.

Now we started research on the enzymatic and hormonal imbalance and why it occurs in the human body as we know that God has given a lot of machinery in our body for different work. After taking food, water, syrup, etc. for survival, and after digestion, it releases residue which comes out of our body as urine and stool along with the toxic material. If the mechanism fails to excrete all toxins out of our body, they get deposited in our body, and after some time, they are removed out by disturbing us, like vomiting, nausea, loose motion, etc. 


It is very fine if the toxic material removed. Still, if it is not removed out and gets deposited in the human body, in the future, it will disturb our hormonal and enzymatic balance, and the human body suffers from some crucial disease. As we know that the waste products when to get excreted from our body make us fit and fine feeling, and if it is not so, we feel harassed, anxious, unsatisfied, and lazy.


The toxic materials in the human body are evaluated by the present medical science, and testing methods are developed, e. g. parameters like the level of uric acid in the blood can be estimated. If it found to be high, it considered that the toxic material is deposited in the patient’s body. 

The treatment of removing out the toxic material, as given in Ayurveda, is the raw potato juice, when consumed by the patient, reduces the uric acid level in the blood and brings the level to be normal. The self-generated diseases are mostly chronic, incurable, and very tough to be treated. 

It is true that modern synthetic drugs are working faster and better in the ailments, compared to the ayurvedic medicines; however, in any kind of a disease, it is observed that the medical science is not having a perfect treatment yet.

As per the ancestral holy books, the first operation of a person of the bone transplant was done by Sushrut. Still, it is not clear which anesthesia he had used while operating the patient. Still, he had some anesthesia or technique by which he made the patient unconscious during the operation. 

However, the usage of anesthesia was well known in ancient India, and Sushruta was the first to prescribe the use of wine with the incense of cannabis for anesthesia. Sushruta was the most celebrated physician and surgeon in India. 

Though he practiced during the 5th century B.C., many of his contributions to medicine and surgery preceded similar discoveries in the Western world. Sushruta devotes a complete volume of his experiences to ophthalmologic diseases.

Centuries ago, to the development of ophthalmology in western countries, Sushruta mentioned about surgery of eye and diseases of the eye very well. His book on his research of medicine, named Sushruta Samhita, contains 19 chapters only on eye diseases, in which he demonstrated the structure of the eye, the parts of eye, diseases of the eye. He also mentioned about a new method called Salaakya used on eye operations.

The present medical science has developed many instruments to thoroughly investigate the human body, like the x-ray machine, sonography, M.R.I., Pat Cat scan, Blood parameters, etc. to identify the disease; however, till today, no perfect medicines are invented to cure a self-generated disease. 

Some of the diseases claimed to be genetic, or allergic, and rarely any medicine is available to treat them. The present doctors are giving treatment as per the condition and symptoms described by the patient.

The medical science does not consider that the parts of the human body, given by the Nature God, are not useless, and there is the importance of each one of them for their functions. The surgeons give anesthesia to the patient to make them unconscious and do surgery to remove a part of the body.

They do not consider the importance of the part removed and that the Nature God gave the part for some reason. Two kidneys give in the human body. That does not mean that one is a spare. Two eyes give and teeth 32. Why don’t we have 32 legs? There is a purpose behind the utility and their functions of each and every part of the human body precisely formulated and planned by the supreme Nature.


The doctors of the present medical science do not consider this point, and since they don’t have any medicine to cure the disease, they remove the part without curing the disease. Ayurveda does not work like that because. It has medicines to cure the disease without removing or operating any part of the body. 

Many examples could be given to show that the treatment given by medical science is just to care for the disease, whereas Ayurveda could cure the disease.

God indeed sent no chemical drugs on the earth; but they were synthesized by modern scientists, by treating natural products with some other compounds and get a new product, without knowing in which disease it could be used. 


Then they perform trial experiments on the mouse, monkeys, or any other animals, by creating disease in them, giving the medicines they invented, and then applying on human beings. It is a fact that they have taken such herbs or the combination of herbs. which already mentioned in the Ayurveda and ancestral holy books. About any herb or any herbal combination to help in that disease for which they intended to manufacture the medicine. 


After performing chemical reactions and trials of the products on the mouse and other animals, and when they are satisfied with the product to be used as a drug, a name is given to the product which is also called as SALT, and in future, it is to be sold as a drug for the mankind. If they are not satisfied with products, and if they find any good contradiction, they advise it for that they are applying the medicine for that good contradiction they got in mouse in their trials. 


After some years, we find in the market that some drugs are banned as they have side effects; and a new drug is already prepared for that particular disease. Now, the question is why they have prescribed the drug for such a long period to the patients, and what happened to those patients who have consumed it for such a long time?

Ayurvedic medicines are made from herbs, or from any combination of herbal products, which are prescribed by the ancient ayurvedic doctors of around three thousand years back in history, and that’s why it is said that the ayurvedic medicine is suggested by man for the mankind and manufactured by man, without destroying its natural properties.

Now let us examine the difference between modern, chemical-based drugs and ayurvedic herbal preparations. The patient is advised to take medicine in dosages as prescribed, and if consumed more, that means in excessive dose, then it will create problems, whereas herbal drugs are just like vegetable products, and if consumed more than the prescribed dosage, it will be removed out of the human body in the form of stool and urine, without doing any harm. For certain diseases, Ayurved provides medicines to cure them, whereas the present medical science has no medicine, and there is no other alternative but to remove the part by surgical operation. This is just unhealthy and unhealthy.

Medical science is too advanced in operating any part of the human body. So to say, if there is a stone in a kidney, doctors just remove it by operation, whereas in Ayurveda, the herbal combination is available, which could disintegrate the stone slowly but surely and completely, by consuming the herbal mixture in regular dosages. It has also been observed that even after removing the stone by surgery, there are all chances that the stone would be developed again, whereas, in ayurvedic treatment, it does not happen again.

In renal failure, the present medical science has no medicine to rectify the kidneys. The only treatment available is the process of dialysis in which the toxic materials are removed by using a machine outside the body. This process does remove the toxins, but again they are developed, and there is no other alternative available, but to perform the dialysis again. Thus repeated dialysis must be done; otherwise, the patient would die because of the accumulation of the toxic materials in the body. This is also not affordable to even middle-class people, and poor people have to borrow money with high interest to pay for repeated dialysis or to die peacefully. The dialysis is a process for removing the toxic materials from the body, and it does not care or rectify the damaged kidneys. There is no medicine available in their present science; however, in Ayurveda, sure and certain, and most successful medicines are available, which could inspire kidneys to work as before, by regenerating the entire function and curing them completely. Furthermore, the medicines are very much cheaper compared to the cost of dialysis, and even the poorest people, even beggars, could afford them, and save their precious lives. The best part of these medicines is that the medicines are not to be taken anymore, once the kidneys start functioning normally, and no more money required to buy them further. Thus, new life is given to the patient with the least amount of money. Thus, these medicines are certainly a boon to the poor people, who otherwise have no alternative but to die.

Before the existence of modern science, no investigation methods were available to diagnose a disease, and hence it was difficult to find out the working efficiency of any ayurvedic medicine in the patient’s body. The medicines were given to the patient only by observing and examining the patient’s body from outside; and just only from the patient’s observation or from the symptoms. As we have accepted Allopathy as the younger son of Ayurveda, the opportunity is given to diagnose the disease in the patient’s body by the investigations, like Blood and Urine analyses, Sonography, X-Ray Photography, M.R.I., etc. The ayurvedic medicine practitioner must accept these investigations so that they could prescribe the correct medicine. The investigation and analysis reports could also reveal when the disease is cured so that the patient or a relative or a caretaker of the patient believes firmly that the medicine has worked on the patient. Thus, people could trust again in Ayurvedic medicines, and we could enhance our market stake.

In the syllabus of the ayurvedic degree courses, like B A M S, B U M S, the students are expected to learn about the investigation which is required for the disease to be diagnosed, e.g., the test called Widal test is required to be done to diagnose the typhoid fever. Similarly, they have to study the other named tests to diagnose a particular disease. In this modern age, when people do not have trust in Ayurveda, the marketing of ayurvedic medicines would go down very heavily in the future; hence the ayurvedic doctors must accept the utility of these investigations parameters to recognize the diseases and use the proper medicines.

In modern medical science, there are specialists for different parts of the body and for different types of diseases. A patient having a kidney problem has to contact a Nephrologists. Similarly, a liver patient has to contact a Gastronologist; thus, many specialist doctors are available, who are dealing with a disease in the particular part of the body. Also, there are doctors who are specialized in a particular disease, like diabetologist for diabetes, Oncologist for Cancer, etc. In Ayurveda there is no such type of arrangement, and an ayurvedic degree holder, BAMS doctor, has to treat a patient for any part of the whole body and any type of disease.

It is well known to almost all doctors of different paths, that the medicines for CancerCancer are emetic in Nature, and have many side effects on the vital parts of the patient’s body, such as kidney, liver, heart, and others; hence, before treating a cancer patient, the patient should be checked for healthy liver, kidney, heart, etc. A cancer patient is advised to contact the Oncologist, who is giving treatment of Chemotherapy. After certain cycles of chemotherapy doses, if the patient finds some problems indigestion, he is advised to go to a Gastronologist; similarly, for other problems developed by the side effects of Chemotherapy, the patient is advised to go to Nephrologist, Cardiologist, and other specialists. The patient must be checked initially to find out in which stage the CancerCancer is, and its complicacy, but actually, it is never done like this, in any hospital, or even in a private nursing home, in our country. A patient, having problem of heavy bleeding from the uterus, goes to a gynecologist who advices her to go for U.S.G. abdomen test, to find tumors, cysts, or fibroids, and further advises her to go to a surgeon, who removes the uterus and sends for biopsy to find out whether it is tumors, fibroids, or cysts, and to investigate to identify the malignant cells present (CANCER) in that part or not. If found malignancy positive, the patient is advised to go to Oncologist for the treatment of cancer, as the patient was not treated as a cancer patient by the surgeon. The Oncologists always take precautions, so that cancer cells do not spread to any other part of the body. Thus, the CancerCancer is found to be in an advanced stage of metastasis that means malignancy has spread to another part of the patient’s body.

In Ayurveda, we have sure medicines to destroy the tumor and malignancy both, without performing any surgical operation. As mentioned in Ayurveda, all tumors are not CancerCancer, but CancerCancer is always in the form of a tumor; hence the ayurvedic medicines could destroy both tumor or malignant tumors. The ayurvedic medicines could destroy the malignant tumors of any size, even weighing in kilograms, by disintegrating it slowly, but surely, and completely, with the assurance of not occurring it again. Almost 70% of cases of cancer tumors, which are surgically operated, could be cured by the ayurvedic medicines, and save the patients from surgery, and give them the normal new life to live happily.