Heart care centre

Non Invasive Heart Treatment

Lack of physical activities and unscheduled food habits, which includes unhealthy and junk foods, are the primary reason for a cardiac problem.

Nowadays, people prefer sitting jobs and want to remain idle in a place at their workplace, which increases immobility into them. Any stability for a more extended period may cause cardiac problems like cardiac blockages.

Medical survey shows that majorly (more than60%) Indians are dying due to cardiac problems. It has observed that immobility may also reduce the average life rate. It can be a threat for the people who come under the age group of 30-50.

Our Parent Company i.e., Vishla Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd., has got huge success in the treatment of renal failure and cancer patients using natural products and methods. Now we have taken charge of the cardiac segment also.

We have come with a broad vision that one should spend his time and money in enjoying this beautiful life by getting healed in natural ways. 

Avoid your precious body to get torn and stitched or resist your stomach to become a warehouse for hazardous. Our motto is to provide the best possible treatment of acute diseases cost-effectively.




To remove blockages, we have adopted Chelation Therapy as per the advice of Dr. Cranton, which means we are providing treatment based on Dr. Cranton’s theory. In this theory, some biochemical injections combination has given to the patient for 35 times every alternate day. Our in house laboratory facility will monitor calcium, blood urea, serum creatinine level, hemoglobin, and uric acid level in the blood, which are essential to check on routine.

We facilitate Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) Machine, which helps to monitor the progress of the patient in removing blockages. It is a modern & non-invasive (without putting any wires or catheters inside the body) technique to test the stiffness of arteries and measures the heart’s blood flow.

This latest mechanism ensures effective positive results in the patients, which is required.

We ensure the improvising results to the patients who follow our treatment as instructed. Failing to which, we assure with a money-back guarantee which secures your precious money earned through your hard work will not go in vain.


Echodopler test and angiography report is required to start therapy. Only those patients benefited with this therapy whose ejection fraction is more than 40% or if blockages in left main artery is less than 40%.

EECP(Enhanced External Counter Pulsation):


EECP is a non-invasive process for the treatment of coronary heart disease. It is a non-surgical & non-medicinal treatment that used to relieve patients from chest pain, restlessness & breathing problems due to blockage in blood carrier arteries.

During EECP therapy, we let the patient lie on the bed and attach the pressure cuffs duly joined with the pulsating machine to the upper and lower thigh region and calves. The pressure will be inflated and deflated as per the heartbeat rate of the patient. Which has measured and continuously monitored during the process? EECP helps to improve the blood flow in the vessels of the heart where there is less blood or oxygen reached. Thus this therapy is also known as NATURAL BYPASS. In comparison to CABG(Bypass Surgery), Balloon Angioplasty, with its stent placement procedure, EECP is a comfortable, risk-free, and non-invasive treatment method.

By the increased pressure from the machine, it forces blood to flow in the heart in such a way that helps to open the collateral arteries of heart, which effectively open and develop the new route of the blood vessels as a “Bypass” and ensuring the sufficient blood flow into all the areas of the heart. Apart from cardiac patients, those are having inheritance of cardiac problems may also be guard themselves from heart attack/sudden cardiac arrest by attending a few EECP sittings.

It’s the United States FDA approved therapy, and numerous cardiac patients have witnessed its fantastic results. Counter Pulsation is also helpful in paralysis, to remove blockages in the nervous system, to reduce obesity, to control diabetes, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson, etc.


This process takes 60 minutes of sessions every day for 35-40 days. If someone needs to do it at earliest, then in the case with a gap of 8 hours twice a day i.e., morning and evening two sessions can be possible, which takes approx 20 days in a row.

Both the therapies, Chelating as well as EECP, are to be considered as OPD thus no requirement of the patient to get admitted.


It is a general perception that where there is any acute treatment that comes, there is a strict diet restriction applies. Being Indians, we are food lovers and cannot imagine our life without mouth-watering rich food, which majorly includes a lot of Oil, Ghee, and taste enhancer Spices. Please mind it that excessive of this richness could be a significant cause of illness and can create sickness for your abundance i.e., wealth, by spending your lot of money to regain your health.

In short, “HEALTH IS WEALTH” and to remain “WEALTHY,” you have to stay “HEALTHY.”

We suggest everybody consuming more triglyceride food to take Dr.Thanki’s Dvt Protector Add on Vitalizer as regular dosages.

We have our expertise in “Ayurveda” being ancient medical science will also help you to guide proper diet chart as follows:

Start your day early with 15 ml Hrudya Amrit Syrup made of Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Apple, Cide Vinegar, and Honey in equal proportionate.

After half an hour, Arjun Chahal Kwath made of 1 tsp Arjun Chahal.

Afterward, one can have a cup of Tea or Coffee as per choice. Orange Juice is also suggestive for those who do not like to have Tea or Coffee.

Between 8-8:30 am, take one bowl of approx 50 grams of sprouted moong and moth(green and brown lentils) mix with onion, tomato &cucumber, and a pinch of rock salt or chat masala with few drops of lemon for taste sake.

Breakfast should include 2-3 Phulka / chapatis with one bowl of vegetable/bhaji.

Lunch timing between 12 am to 1 pm:

Wheat roti mix with 25% of besan and instead of ghee can take butter made at home by cow curd.

Take vegetables of any kind, but it should cut in tiny pieces made in Rice bran oil / Saffola heart. The Vegetable should be made in a frying pan to get full steamed, so it will be digestive if possible.

Take rice with any cereal.

South Indian people can have tamarind rice or rice with sambhar, curd, or rasam.

At 3-3:30 pm, take one apple or any other citrus fruit.

At 4-4:30 pm take evening breakfast, which may include upma, poha, idli, or any lighter food, etc.

At 7 pm, take one bowl of soup of tomato or mushroom or any vegetable.

At 8 pm, take dinner the same as lunch except adding kadhi with rice.

At bedtime, 20 gm of flaxseed should take with plenty of water. The 20 gm should be divided into five parts and should be appropriately chewed by teeth and swallow with at least 400ml of water in total.

The patient has to follow the diet chart as per given instruction, post-treatment as well. They were failing to which may cause repetition of blockage formation.

The patient should have to walk for 45 minutes every day.

If there is a habit of smoking, it should quit.

The patient has to maintain blood sugar and blood pressure level by suggestive medicines.

Take 1 tsp Arjun Chhaal Kwath every day.

The patient should do some light yogasan or exercise to protect the reversible of deposited of plaques.

The patient should avoid more oily and non-vegetarian food.