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As in this world there is too much pollution and people are taking junk foods and oily and unhealthy products which did not give proper nutrition hence lack of immunity is found in almost everyone Lack of immunity also cause lung disease and skin disease and become lean and thin showing absolute unhealthy person.

  • AYURVEDIC TREATMENT For Disorders due to HIV, Swine Flu, Ebola, Corona, and other Unidentified Viruses


    Viruses and parasites exist before our existence. Our body is the host of a lot of viruses made up of certain proteins and acids and bacterias which are useful for us to get heal even though. They are part of our immune system Our immune system prevents any foreign/outside attack of parasites and viruses which are harmful to us and can transform our useful protein into harmful which may lead to severe trauma up to death.

    Lack of immunity may weaken our respiratory system, digestive system, resistance power and can cause skin diseases as well.

    The brightness on the face shows the condition of a healthy person. Due to lack of immunity, viruses like HIV, H1N1, Ebola, Novel Corona etc can infect our body cells leading us to severe disease up to death.

    Tests for the immunity system: 

    There is a medical test called CD4 Count to measure the number of CD4 or T cells in the blood. These are white blood cells that fight against infection and have a key role in our immune system.

    Our immunity's role is to destroy unhealthy and unidentified germs, bacteria and viruses therefore everyone should have a sound immunity to protect them from diseases.

    Our herbal supplement "Dr Thanki's Immune Booster" contains ingredients that can help in boosting immunity to fight and prevent any infection in our body.

    Precautions in HIV AIDS affected person:-

    1. He must avoid unprotected sex should not take any reused syringe to take any injection for medical aid. 
    2. Avoid spicy, junk foods, and stale food.

    Precautions in Swine Flu, Ebola, Skin Psoriasis, Corona and such type any germs,bacteria&viruses affected person:-

    1. Avoid being a part of the crowd.
    2. Avoid handshake.
    3. Avoid travelling to save others.
    4. Keep distance with anyone minimum 1 meter
    5. Should touch their clothes and object to prevent others
    6. Avoid sexual activity.
    7. Should sanitize or wash hands with soap regularly.
    8. Should keep a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing.
    9. Do not take spicy, junk food & stale food  


    Key ingredients in Dr Thanki's Immune Booster:  

    Curcuma Longa

    Tribulus Terrestris

    Gymnema Sylvestre


    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

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    What is the Immune System:-

    The resistance power to fight with unwanted or unhealthy or causing acute disease by any germs, bacteria & viruses termed as the immune system of a person. The Immune system of every person is significant to keep healthy, thus keep boosting immunity is the best way to spend a healthy and prosperous life.

    How to improve/healthy Immune system:-

    Every person has to keep a healthy immune system, so by healthy and hygienic lifestyle/food habits it can be maintained. Add on to it our herbal supplement will surely help in boosting a sound immunity.

    What effects of the weak immune system:

    If a person has a weak immune system may give an ill-feeling and it will affect the day to day performance as well. A lot of acute diseases may affect even can suffer from severe illness. The harmful germs, bacteria, viruses can enter the body quickly, which may lead to the cause of death.

    How does this product work:-

    As we know, every cell is consists of two layers and a nucleus. Two layers are Glyco Protein and Lypo protein layer. In most of the cells, the outer layer of cells is made of the Glyco Protein layer, whereas in these types of crucial germs, bacteria or viruses consist of the Lypo Protein layer. Hence, it is tough to penetrate it to destroy cells.

    Our product consists of three herbs as a combination. Its active ingredient can dissolve the Lypo protein layer then quickly reaches to destroy the nucleus. It means it decreases the counting of these unhealthy germs bacteria and viruses, so the patient is feeling better. More extended periods in the taking of it may get rid of the disease.

    Treatment in Covid 19

    All viruses consist of a protein cover layer and the inner nucleus. The coronavirus reproduces when coming in contact with host cells.

    Structure of the virus:

    1.  Glycoprotein layer
    2.  Lipoprotein layer
    3.  Nucleus

    Almost all viruses are found to contain Glycoprotein as an outer layer and Lipoprotein as an inner layer. Still, in the coronavirus, the outer layer is the Lypoproteiin layer which is very difficult to destroy the virus.

    Our product is a combination of three herbs in which each herb has a specific role in destroying the three significant parts of the structure of the virus.

    Line of Action on Virus:

    Tribulus Terrestris has got such biochemical which can destroy outer protein cover quickly.

    1. Saponin Glycosides
    2. Diosgenin
    3. Rucogenin
    4. Gitogenin

    B. Alkaloids-

    1. Harmine
    2. Harman           

    C. Flavone glycoside:-

    1. Diosgenin ---steroidal saponin(4-6%)
    2. Enzyme Sapoginase
    3. Glycosides and phenolic compound

    These chemicals are found in this herb alone Disogenin steroidal saponin is capable of reacting and dissolving the Lipoprotein layer.

    Gymnema Sylvestre has some biochemicals which can destroy the inner protein layer as a glycoprotein layer.

    1. Hentriacontane
    2. Pentriacontine
    3. Phytin
    4. Resin
    5. Tartric acid
    6. Formic acid
    7. Butyric acid
    8. Mucilage
    9. Inocitol
    10. d-quircitilol
    11. Gymnemic acid
    12. Anthroquinone deravatives
    13. Triterpene Saponin

    Only Gymnemic acid can dissolve the inner protein layer made of Glycoprotein.

    Curcuma Longa is well known as an antibiotic that destroys the nucleus.


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