Sarabjeet Kaur-42yrs-Post cancer treated

Dated : 10-08-2018     Patient Name : Sarabjeet Kaur     Age : 42 years old

I sarabjeet kaur aged 42years w/o Gurdeep singh residing at Ghadsana dist.Sri Ganganagar.In my family my aunty BHUAJI died of cancer she was having tumor in head.My grand father also died with cancer he was having in food pipe.My father was suffering with liver cancer.All of...

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SANTRA DEVI - 58 Years - Breast Cancer.....

Dated : 26-07-2016     Patient Name : Santra Devi     Age : 58 years old

Recurrence of breast carcinoma

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KIRAN KUMARI-27yrs-left cervical -left axillary lymph nodes

Dated : 18-11-2015     Patient Name : Kiran Kumari     Age : 27 years old

Breast Cancer, Cancer, Chronicle Disease, Lung Cancer Metastatis

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TAROO DEVI-36yrs-(Breast tumor with bulky uterus)

Dated : 03-02-2014     Patient Name : Taroo Devi     Age : 36 years old

i was suffering with a tumor in my right breast and also suffering with mensuration problem. one ladies told me about dr sambhu kumar singh in train and so i went to him at Hazipur. The Dr given me only two medicines by which i found almost cure in mensuration problem and also...

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NEEMA CHANDRA (Breast Cancer) Age - 34yr

Dated : 24-09-2013     Patient Name : Neema Charnda     Age : 34 years old

I Neema Chandra aged 29 residing at Bilaspur (C.G ). About two years back near by Deepawali Festival i feel itching near by area of nipples of my Breast also i felt the difference in size of both Breasts but after 4 months it cured without treatment after that this condition i...

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