Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Marathi Chandra Wardhan     Age : 63 years old

Arthirtis, Bone Problem, Chronicle Disease, Diabetic, Miracleous, Neuralgia

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NARENDRA KUMAR JAIN-52yrs-(Renal Failure With Hcv Positive and bilateral kidneys are comparatively small and mild bright and cholelithiasis)

Dated : 30-07-2018     Patient Name : Narendra Kumar Jain     Age : 52 years old

Chronicle Disease, CKD, CRF, Hepatitis-C, Kidney Failure, Neuralgia, Renal Failure

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RATNESH KUMAR-30yrs-jaws pain and swelling on face

Dated : 05-02-2014     Patient Name : Ratnesh Kumar     Age : 30 years old

I am Ratnesh kumar appointed as devlopment officer in Chhappra Bihar. For the last two years i was having physical problem my face always become having swelling and my jaws were always become painful and i was having a treatment of Dr. udyan narayan ,neurologist and dr. lalit...

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