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Due to fast life and irregularity of in taking food the toxic material deposits in the human being and when the quantity of toxic substance become too much it converts into self generated disease like cancer, stone, Renal failure etc.

  • What is Renal System:

    The renal system consists of four organs: two kidneys+ one prostate gland + urinary bladder.  Kidneys are just part of the renal system whereas renal system is generally known as Kidneys.

    Causes of Kidney Failure:-

    In present day's hasty lifestyle, people consume unhealthy food with irregulairty in their meals timing which may increase the uric acid level in blood that may lead to chronic diseases like Cacer and Kidney Failure. Also in hasty urban living, it has been seen that mental pressure increases that is common cause for high blood pressure aswell.  Typhoid is also another factor for high blood pressure.

    Craze of bodybuilding in youngsters encouraging them to consume different kind of concentrated protein powder muscles building to get instant results.  Such proteins can not be filtered properly by the kidneys and putting overload to it's working effeciency and thus leading it to dysfunctioning or failure of kidneys. Regular consumption of pain killer may also effect adversely in same manner.  Thickening or unbalanced viscosity of blood due to Diabetes can also be a sound reason for kidney's dysfunctioning.

    Formation of kidney stones can also damage the kidney may affect it's functioning.

    Major terms used for complications of Kidneys:

    CKD : Chronic Kidney Disease.

    PKD: Polycystic Kidney Disease.  Cyst formed in the kidneys affect its working as an obstacle and may lead to failure aswell. This can be genetic problem aswell.

    CRF: Chronic Renal Failure. When both the kidneys failed to fucntion properly it is called as renal failure.

    Symptoms of kidney failure

    1. Swelling in legs and hands
    2. Breathlessness
    3. Loss of appetite
    4. Acute gastritis
    5. Heaviness in body
    6. Weakness
    7. Less Haemoglobin
    8. Less urination
    9. Nausea or vomiting 


    By performing few blood and urine tests, complications in the kidneys can be identified.  Ultras Sound Snography(USG) can be done to check the condition of kidneys.


    Sometimes USG reports shows kidneys are intact, but the Serum Creatinine level shows higher in blood tests. This condition is mostly found in case of a diabetic person terme as nephrotic syndrome.


    Treatment for complications in kidneys:

    Our herbal medicine, "Dr.Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule" when taken along with prescribed Anupan is much effective and beneficial in complication related to kidneys.  Active ingredients used in our product acts as substitue to functioning of kidneys.  Completely damaged kidneys cannot be repaired but with the help of our medicine functioning can be managed and suffere can be prevented to undergo with invasive or painful treatments.

    What is Anupan in Ayurveda:

    To increase the effect of medicine in Ayurveda, It has been suggested that taking with some other product that works as a catalyst. Sometimes Ayurved Doctor prescibes to take a drug with honey or butter or hot water in this case honey, butter, hot water is considered as Anupan.


    As prescribed by medical practitioner.


    Suitable and healthy diet should be taken in sufferings from comlications of kidneys.

    In Ayurveda, the suggestion of food given to the patient is called Pathya (Do's) and "Apathya" (Dont's). And if the patient in taking "Pathya" food in a suggested manner then the medicine works much better by getting such support and will give desired results faster.  Sufferer should ask and follow the diet chart strictly to avoid any further increment in complications.

    Comparison of Treatment in between Invasive and Non Invasive method:-


    Our herbal medicine, "Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule" is totally a non-invasive way to manage complications related to kidneys. With the help of our medicine, a sufferer can do his daily chores and works as per his reuglar routine. It is completely painless and harmless being natural.
    In advanced medical science where technology is having it major role, treatments are given either with chemical based drugs which having their own side effects for other vital organs or machines or surgeries. Majorly found that in case Kidney complications, dialysis process is used to reduce serum creatinine and blood urea level.  This will neither repair the damages done nor increase the functioning of kidneys.  And it is painful and costly as well.


    It has also been seen that after doing lot of dialysis process, patient has to undergo with organ transplants to save the life, which is again an invasive and too costly procedure.  Transplants can also be unsuccessful that may lead to death immediately.

    Key Ingredients in Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule:

    Piper nigrum

    Sankh Bhsma

    Piper longum

    Cedrus deodara

    Praval bhasma

    Embelia Ribes

    Cyprus scarious

    Tibullus Territories

    Emblica Officinalis

    Mandur Bhasma

    Terminalia chebula

    Zingiber Officinalis

    Raphanus sativas

    Mukta Sukti Pisti

    Boerhavia diffusa

    Terminalia bellirica

    Kaudi Bhasma

    Commiphora Mukul

    Operculina turpethum

    Potassium carbonate

    Raphanus Sativa

    Mukta Sukti Pisti

    Boerhavia diffusa

    Terminalia bellirica

    Kaudi Bhasma

    Commiphora Mukul

    Operculina turpethu

    Potassium carbonate

    Sangey yahud bhasma

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

    From The Desk Of Chairman

    As we know that this is a self-generated problem, it is not like malaria, which inserted larva inside our body by biting us. The self-generated problem is always due to the deposit of uric acid formed by toxic elements.

    As per researches, 60% of renal failure cases found in diabetics,  10% of sufferers found with over consumption of alcohol, 20% sufferers due to intake of heavy pain killers in regular course, remaining 10% due to unidentified causes but found mostly due to improper or inadequate intake of water.  In some sufferers who were having a kidney stone in the upper or middle calyx section are also found with hydronephrosis.

    As of now primary treatment in advanced medical science is dialysis only.  Which is as earlier mentioned, cannot help neither in curing nor in caring properly as aftersome time it will also stop effecting leading to the sufferer to either undergo with organ transplant or let to die.

    In any such ways a person suffering from Kidney complications has to bear lot of pain as well as spend a lot money to save the life. I have seen few of my known people very closely loosing themselves to death inspite of spending a lot of money for the sake of survival.

    Money is always having crucial role nowadays in such kind of chronicle complications.  Rich people can afford such type of costly treatments including organ transplants aswell.  But it is very difficult for low income profile people to sustain where so much of money is required for their survival or to just get some relief.

    Our research team worked hard in this segment and after making a lot of researches on Ancient Ayurvedic Books, we finally came with a herbal product which is a combination of some super active natural ingredients that works effectively on complications related to kidneys. That product is none other than "Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule" and it is totally non-invasive with no side effects way to manage kidney related normal or chronical complications/suffering.

    It took around long eight months time to develop this product and when it was given to a diabetic patient having abnoraml renal tests results, within a period of ten days only, all the unwanted increased factors got lowered down. Ofcouse, results may be vary from person to person depend on system and other organ functioning and diet aswell. 

    As a conclusion, I would like to say that our herbal medicine "Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule" is significantly beneficial in kidney related complication if taken with a proper prescibed manner followed by a strcit diet.   Our product is also effective in case of patients already undergo with dialysis process and can stop it.  Result may depend on number of sittings done.

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