Dr Thankis Prostrex Powder

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Benefits: 1. Encourages a healthy prostate 2. Supports normal urinary function 3. Nutrition for aging

  •                                                                                (For Male Only)

    Ingredients:  Safed Musli, kauchbeej, Aswagandha, Shatavari, Lajwanti beej, Durva, Ikshu mul, Erand Mul, Gorakhmundi.

    Best Herbal Ayurveda medicine for enlarged prostate Usages

     This preparation is applicable in all urinary disorders like repeated urination, less urine formation, difficulty in urination.

     Some patients advised for drilling after an interval of every 2-3 months or doctor suggested for operation for such patient this Medicine become very useful for them.

    How It Works:-

    The main function of the prostate gland in male for reprpduction.. The purpose of the prostate gland is to prevent the mixing of semen with urine. If this gland is not present in the human body, then the man will be unable to produce children. During sexual intercourse, a sticky excreted from this gland spreads inside the urinary tube in the penis, which absorbs and destroys all the urine particles present in the urine tract, so that when the semen passes through the same path, the sperms do not get damaged.

    It is a highly useful gland in our body. When the size of this gland increases, men have to fight with a lot of problems and difficulties. By using our Medicine, the patient's prostate gland becomes standard size, and it regains its original dimensions. After that, there is no problem with urination.

    Benefits for the young generation:

    As this gland becomes active at the age of 14 or 15 yrs, boys but as nowadays the young generation after study wants to be self-dependent, so marriage was complete at the age of 25yrs to 27yrs means they have not utilized this gland for 10to12yrs, and it becomes less active.

    So it causes unsatisfied sex activity and less chance of getting the issue.


    During treatment with this Medicine, the patient should not take more pulses. Take at least one fruit daily." For the prostate patient, apple is the best choice."

    Avoid More cereals, paneer, cheese (mawa) and thin cucumber or any product consisting of high protein value.

    DOSAGES: 1tsp after Breakfast and Dinner with Freshwater.

    For the best and fast result:

    Take this Medicine on the palm and suck it slowly and swallow with water, in morning and evening, one teaspoonful after eating something. By taking Medicine this way, the patient gains a lot of benefits.

    It is  effective in sexual frailty, weakness, and seminal disorders.

    Suggestion: A patient having an enlarged prostate gland more than 30gm, the doses to be given is thrice a day. When the size gets reduced to less than 18gm, the patient should decrease the quantity to twice a day.

    The patient can take Light food, milk, fruit.

    The patient can't take alcohol, tobacco, cereals, and much protein and protein-containing food products.


    Key Ingredients

    • Asparagus adscendens
    • Mucuna pruriense
    • Cynodon dactylon
    • Mimosa pudica
    • Ricinus communis
    • Withania somnifera
    • Asparagus recemosus
    • Saccharum officinarum
    • Spheranthus indicus

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.


    From the desk of Chairman:

    As in our research, we found that in the new supplement, the sufferer gets relief in urination, not the decrease of the prostate gland due to swelling or increase in prostate gland sufferer may be lost both kidneys. 

    Some urologists, when they found patients did not respond to any allopath medicine, they use a catheter. 

    Even in some cases, they do a process called drilling process in that process as an excess of bleeding and sufferer loose sense to urine, and automatically urine passes without pressure.

    In around 170 sufferers whose data we have up to 46 gm of prostate reduces to 16 gm by our Medicine.

    On the enormous size, it happens to convert into prostate cancer it confirms by biopsy or a test for it PSA.

    It is a gland we suggest as per Ayurveda it should not be operated. It should come at its size by supplements.

    Some sufferers requested to make it in the form of Capsules. We made so of 600 mg per capsules but the in taking of 3 -4 capsules at a time as to have perfect dosage.

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

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