Rajesh Prasad

Dated : 20-05-2019     Patient Name : Rajesh Prasad     Age : 48 years old


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Dated : 04-05-2019     Patient Name : shankar lal sharma     Age : 60 years old


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Raj Kumari Acharya-55yrs-CKD-IIDM

Dated : 01-02-2018     Patient Name : Raj Kumari Acharya     Age : 55 years old

My name is Shriballabh acharya i am writing the detail of sickness of my mother smt raj kumari aged 55yrs . My mother was diagnosed as diabetic patients just 5 years back and from that time she is taking medicine for sugar.

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Jyanti devi-59yrs-CKD -PKD-Kidney failure

Dated : 22-12-2017     Patient Name : Jyanti Devi     Age : 59 years old

My name is Haribhushan upadhyay s/o sri Ramnath residing of Meerutt U.P. i am writing about the problem of my mother smt jayanti devi. My mother is 69yrs old she never suffered with any kind of crucial problem in her whole life. 4years back she felt some gastric pain and stomach...

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Rajesh Kochar-51yrs-Kidney Failure-Nephrotic Syndrome

Dated : 19-12-2017     Patient Name : Rajesh Kochar     Age : 51 years old

My name is Rajesh Kochar S/O Ballabh ji Kochar my age is 51years old.  I am suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure for the last 14-15 years. In 2013 i felt acute weakness when i was doing business i Kolkata i visited a Dr he advised me to go to Nephrologist i went to...

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DHAU DEVI SETHIA-82yrs-kidney failure

Dated : 02-11-2017     Patient Name : Dhau Devi     Age : 82 years old

Chronicle Disease, CKD, CRF, Kidney Failure, Nephropathy, Renal Failure, Uncategorized

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S S RANAWAT-76 Years-kidney Failure

Dated : 14-09-2016     Patient Name : S S Ranawat     Age : 76 years old

Chronicle Disease, Kidney Failure, Nephropathy, Renal Failure, Uncategorized

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HARBANS SINGH-Kidney Failure

Dated : 08-04-2015     Patient Name : Harbans Singh     Age : 58 years old

My name is Harbansh Singh age 58 years residence at Chukegala, DIST-Batinda, Punjab.                In 2007, my blood pressure was rising. So I went to“Dera Sacha Soda Hosapital and showed myself to the doctors but they did not get cause of blood pressure.

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BALASUBRAMANIYAM-66yrs-(Cortico-medullary differentiation is decreased-right kidney appears smaller in size)

Dated : 05-08-2014     Patient Name : Balasu Bramaniyam     Age : 66 years old

CKD, Kidney Failure, Nephropathy, Neuropathy Ratenopathy in Diabetic

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RANDEEP KUMAR KAURA-(Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased-Fatty Infiltration In Liver)

Dated : 05-08-2014     Patient Name : Randeep Kumar     Age : 67 years old

Disease Description:-Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased-Fatty Infiltration In Liver

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MALARAM GODARA-43yrs-(NIIDM With High Blood Urea)

Dated : 30-07-2014     Patient Name : Malaram Godara     Age : 43 years old

Chronicle Disease, Diabetic, Nephropathy

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RAJENDRA AHUJA-66yrs-(Renal Failure Due To Shrinkage Of Kidney)

Dated : 30-07-2018     Patient Name : Rajendra Ahuja     Age : 66 years old

I am “Rajendra Ahuja s/o Nand Lal Ahuja from hariyana,India. I realised on 5th may that i have kidney problem then i went to “Colambia Hospital,Payiyala for treatment but there was no cure so I went to “Appolo Hospital,Noyeda and admitted there for 5 days but creatinine did...

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