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This medicine helps in Tumor and Cancer of all types abcess in any part of human body,multiple sclerosis,brain tumor,brain cancer,Ebola,HIV aids,hepatitis b,hepatitis c,swine flu,e coli,Neuralgia, unidentified harmful virus,germs,bacteria,naru bala,retention of urine Etc.

  • Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine for complications due to Tumour and Tumour Cancer and Unidentified Harmful Viruses, Germs, Bacteria

    We are living in such era where technology is intervening in each and every field. Medical Science is not untouched with it.  There are lot of therapies available to take care acute chronical diseases with nautral and chemical both ways. Chemical base drugs are made by substances given by mother narture only. They are prepared by changing basic nature of those substances with the help of acids making them instant reactive and more concentrated.  This may cause side effects of man made chemically prepared drugs or medicines.

    But we should not forget that mother nature has blessed each every living being to heal themselves naturally, primarily by having self healing system within the body itself and secondarily with the help of medicinal herbs and shrubs grown all over the planet. As no disease is coming out of this planet, hence there is no chance that their remedies are not available in our planet.  

    The existence of human beings on the earth is not only 100 years old, but it is existing for many centuries. The people in those days were also suffering from the such type of diseases/disorders as today we are experiencing. And they were also treated or taken care by the doctors available on those period of time.


    USA Say About Annona muricata as a Cancer Treatment-1


    USA Govt Said Annona Muricata is a Cancer Killar

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    Tumour/Cancer complication remedies in Ayurveda:

    Treatment given to a patient by using natural medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs, bhasmas etc. without using harmful chemicals is called as Ayurvedic treatment. 

    In Ayurveda, complications of almost each and every kind of natural diseases can be taken care if studied it thoroughly. There is no such natural complication exists whose remedy is not available in Ayurveda.

    Cancer cells exists in our body by birth. It starts complications when it got active and starts damaging adjacent healthy cells. The combination of specific herbs for complication of certain type diseases are mentioned in Ayurveda.

    In current era, number of people suffering from complications of self generated diseases like Cancer, Hepatitis, Viral diseases are increasing because hazardous substances is spoiling our environment and due to which we are forced to intake unhealthy foods and impure water leading to adverse effect on our health. Scientists from the medical field are researching hard to find out rapid, chemical and instrumental based remedies to get rid of such kind of complications.

    From the ancient medical books, it has been found a plant called Annona Muricata has properties to destroy unidentified germs, bacteria & viruses, and other harmful things created in the human body, like Abscess, Neuralgia, etc.

    On checking results of our herbal medicine, it has been found that these types of identifying viruses destroyed very fast. And the Abscess in any part of the body, Acute Neuralgia, was brought under complete control. 


    It has been observed that chemical-based anti-cancer drugs are toxic. Though they could destroy cancer cells, they may destroy healthy cells also. It may increase the pain to the sufferer and sometimes can lead to the death aswell.


    Certain chemicals composition found in trees like Annona Muricata has significant properties to destroy and disintegrating any tumor in any part of the human body. So, according to Ayurveda, it has been taken to notice that such anti-cancerous properties may benefit in complications from any cancer, except blood cancer. 

    It also act as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections. It is also effective against internal parasites and worms, lowering down high blood pressure and depression, stress and nervous disorders, Corona, Neuralgia, HIV, and other crucial infections also. 

    During research 

    It has been observed that some part of the tree work as healing therapy without leaving any side effect behind. In comparison, chemicals based Chemotherapy leads to basic side effects of nausea, vomiting tendency, hair loss, weight loss, etc. 

    It has also been observed that our herbal medicine, "Dr Thanki's Tum Can Capsule" is very beneficial to human beings by guarding the immune system and repelling deadly infections.

    The sufferer feels energetic and healthier with the help of "Dr Thanki's Tum Can Capsule".

    This medicine can also be used for getting relief from heart, asthma, and liver problems aswell. 

    After deep studying Ayurvedic books and related researches, "Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule" has been launched  for the treatment of complications due to cancer and other chronicle diseases like Corona, HIV, Neuralgia, etc. 

    Doctors and scientists have found that when any drug been given for treatment related to complications of Cancer, It is always necessary to safeguard the liver, heart, and kidneys of the patient from its side effects during the treatment period. To increase the effectiveness of the medicine, liver must be functioning sound so the result may soon faster.  Our herbal medicine called "Dr Thanki's Liver Care Powder is appropriate and suggested along with Dr. Thanki's Tum Can Capsule.

    Dosage: As prescribed by medical practitioner.


    There is a general myth that in Ayurveda, there are lot of food restrictions. It is true upto some extent as the fact is that restriction are only for those products which may increase the intensity of diseases.

    Patients should ask and follow the proper Diet Chart provided by their doctors strictly to get desired reluts.

    Diseases like Cancer comes under the category of self-generated diseases in the human body.  It has been admitted by all medical therapies that the self-generated illness in a human body is majorly caused due to imbalance of hormones and enzymes.

    A cancer patient should not take any food which can provide nutrition to active cancer cells. It means, along with any medicine, a cancer feeder diet should stop. 

    Alongwith medicinal treatment, patient should follow Diet, Do's and Dont's as suggested by authorized medical practitioner to get effective results and relief from sufferings.

    Special Note: 

    Organically and Pesticide free grown Fruits, Vegetables, and Food Grains has been suggested for such patients suffering from complications due to Cancer.


    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

    Key Ingredients



    From the desk of Chairman

    So many of my known people died due to cancer. It was penetrating me always, since how long such chronicle diseases exists?   Whether it has been faced by our ancestors or not else the current generation from past few decades are only suffering from it?

    We studied books on Ayurveda and found refrence of a plant called Mamphal or Annona Muricata which is having such properties which are significantly act as anti-cancer. 

    Surprisingly, a lot of researches has been done on it but no appropriate solution mentioned anywhere.

    We have used an unique technique in process of manufacuring of our herbal medcine Dr Thanki's Tum Can Capsule making it significantly effective in complication raised due to Cancer  and other such kind of chronicle diseases.

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