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Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for male & female both vigor vitality,it helps in any type of long sickness and weakness due to it,physical weakness ,impotency,night discharge,less sperm count,less semen formation and very thin seminal discharge,premature ejaculation,exhaustion and weekness ,dissatisfaction on bed,male private part and female feeder organ etc.

  • (This herbal medicine powder is useful for both gender aged 14 yrs and above.)

    Ingredients: Aswagandha, Shatavari, Awla, Kauchbeej, Safed Musli, Khareti beej.

    Best Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine vigour & vitality

    This herbal preparation is highly effective for any hindrance to physical development, any type of long sickness and weakness due to it.

    Mental and Physical weakness, lack of energy and stamina, night discharge, low sperm count, less semen formation. 

    Very thin seminal discharge, premature ejaculation, exhaustion and weakness etc. can be taken care and it increases vigour and vitality.

    For the girls and women whose breasts are underdeveloped, this Medicine gives an excellent result. For those women suffering from hips pain, this Medicine shows excellent results.

    Information : 

    In our Herbal powder, we have not added any such ingredients that produce sexual excitement.

    Our product helps in the development of energy which is already present in the human body.

    It helps in improving a person's inner stamina and energy to perform mental and physical efforts or activities more effectively.

    It improves the quality of semen and also helps in weight gain for underweight people or weight gain seekers.  


    Doses: One teaspoonful after breakfast and at bedtime or as directed by the consultant.


    For better results: 

    Take one glass of hot milk added with Almond, Pistachio, Akharot (Walnut), Kharek (Dates Dry skin), and Chilgoja (Pine nuts) in equal proportions. Even a patient can prepare at home. These dry fruits are taken in equal proportions and make sun-dried. This sun-dried dry fruit mixture should be ground in powder form and kept in a glass(preferred) or airtight food-grade plastic container only.


    Along with this Medicine, doctors has been suggested to apply Dr Thanki's Ratipriya oil and also to take Dr Thanki's Madhumasti powder to get fast and effective results.

    Dr Thanki's Madhumasti powder: 

    Helps in muscle strengthening.

    For men:

    Take 1 tsp of the medicine powder.

    Make a paste with some honey and apply gently on the private part and leave it for 45 minutes.

    After that, wash with cold or lukewarm water. 

    After 10 minutes, wash it with any gentle/chemical-free bathing soap with water. 

    For Women

    Take I tsp of the medicine powder. 

    Make a paste with some honey and apply gently on the feeder organ and leave it for 45 minutes, after that, 

    wash with cold or lukewarm water.

    After 10 minutes, wash it with any gentle/chemical-free bathing soap with water. 

    Regular use of this product, at least twice daily, gives fast and best results.


    After the application of Madhumasti Powder, Ratipriya Oil should be applied after 30 minutes. 

    Dr Thanki's Ratipriya Oil: 

     For Men: 

    Place a few drops of the oil on the private part skin, spread gently and rub it from root to top slowly and gently for 5 minutes.  

    For Women: 

    The oil can be applied gently on the female feeder organs Apply a few drops on feeder organs and rub it clockwise gently. 

    Patient s can take:- Milk, green leafy vegetables, paneer, and more cereals. 

    Patients can't take:- alcohol, tobacco, and all kind of these types of products.


    Key Ingredients of Power Plus Powder:-

    Sida cordifolia

    Mucuna pruriens

    Emblica officinalis

    Withania somniferra

    Asparagus recemosus

    Chlorophytum arundinaceum


    From The Desk of Chairman

    As It has been observed that the majority of edible products such as fruits & vegetables, cereals, grains, packed food etc available in the market are having pesticides and harmful chemicals/preservatives which leads to mild to chronicle problem by decreasing the immunity, stamina and energy of a human being.

    With a thought to develop a product which can give vigour and vitality, it has been found that all the genders in this era are lacking in it.

    Our product proves to be promising when it has been taken properly as guided with given suggestions.

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

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