Kailash Kumar Dodeja - 45yrs Kidney patient

Dated : 15-03-2021     Patient Name : Kailash Kumar Dodeja     Age : 45 years old

Kailash Kumar Dodeja - 45yrs Kidney patient

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Dated : 04-05-2019     Patient Name : shankar lal sharma     Age : 60 years old


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Rajendra singh-28yrs-CKD-KIDNEY PATIENT

Dated : 23-08-2018     Patient Name : Rajendra Singh     Age : 28 years old

My name is Rajendra singh s/o late jagdish chowdhry of Ghaziabad. I was suffered with severe headache one year back after 3 days i visited to a Dr for check up my BP

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Radhey Shyam-52yrs-CKD-Kidney patient

Dated : 10-08-2018     Patient Name : Radhey Shyam     Age : 52 years old

CKD, Kidney Failure, Kidney Stone, Prostate, Uncategorized

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Mohammed Jafar-40yrs-kidney patient=echotexture increased cmd preserved

Dated : 17-07-2018     Patient Name : Mohammed Jafar     Age : 40 years old

I Md zafar S/O Md sarwar residing at dist warangal.My age is 39 yrs . In December 2017 i met with some problem of heart i

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Angad Kumar Sharma-47yrs-CKD-KIDNEY FAILURE

Dated : 26-03-2018     Patient Name : Angad Kumar Sharma     Age : 47 years old

CKD, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure, Uncategorized

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Rajendra singh rawat-52years-CKD-Kidney failure

Dated : 23-03-2018     Patient Name : Rajendra Singh Rawat     Age : 52 years old

I Asha Rawat resident of gram Gudam Estate post Talwadi Dist Chamoli State Uttrakhand i am 43 years old. I am writing on behalf of my husband Sri Rajendra Singh S/o sri Trilok singh about sickness of my husband.

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Raju Rawat-33yrs-Kidney failure-CKD

Dated : 12-03-2018     Patient Name : Raju Rawat     Age : 33 years old

CKD, CRF, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure, Uncategorized

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Tara Changani-45yrs-Kidney Failure-CKD

Dated : 12-02-2018     Patient Name : Tara Changani     Age : 45 years old

The Tara changani came here by some reference she will come back within 25 days than she will write her reviews . tHey were in hurry while come to Bikaner. She is on dialysis twice a day,

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Raj Kumari Acharya-55yrs-CKD-IIDM

Dated : 01-02-2018     Patient Name : Raj Kumari Acharya     Age : 55 years old

My name is Shriballabh acharya i am writing the detail of sickness of my mother smt raj kumari aged 55yrs . My mother was diagnosed as diabetic patients just 5 years back and from that time she is taking medicine for sugar.

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Sunita Jain-32yrs-CKD-CRF-Kidney Failure

Dated : 23-01-2018     Patient Name : Sunita Jain     Age : 32 years old

Sunita Jain CKD-CRF Kidney Failure Treatment

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Dinesh Kumar Lakhotia-31yrs-CKD-Kidney failure

Dated : 08-01-2018     Patient Name : Dinesh Kumar     Age : 31 years old

I Dinesh Lakhotia S/O Sri sunder lallji Lakhitia aged 31Yrs at present residing at Chennai. My childhood was spent in Bikaner and studied in home town and my childhood spent as normal children. In childhood i was quite healthy never met with any crucial disease. We are two...

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Manoj kumar-42years-CKD-PKD-Kidney Failure

Dated : 24-12-2017     Patient Name : Manoj Kumar     Age : 42 years old

We are seven sisters and brothers. I have one son aged 10yrs My son wife and other family members are well healthy.I am working in military. I am writing about my problem of kidney failure. When i was posted in Tripura state i suffered with high fever the Dr gave injections of...

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Jyanti devi-59yrs-CKD -PKD-Kidney failure

Dated : 22-12-2017     Patient Name : Jyanti Devi     Age : 59 years old

My name is Haribhushan upadhyay s/o sri Ramnath residing of Meerutt U.P. i am writing about the problem of my mother smt jayanti devi. My mother is 69yrs old she never suffered with any kind of crucial problem in her whole life. 4years back she felt some gastric pain and stomach...

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Rajesh Kochar-51yrs-Kidney Failure-Nephrotic Syndrome

Dated : 19-12-2017     Patient Name : Rajesh Kochar     Age : 51 years old

My name is Rajesh Kochar S/O Ballabh ji Kochar my age is 51years old.

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Shivasish Bhattacharjee-21yrs-CKD-CRF

Dated : 19-11-2017     Patient Name : Shivasish Bhattacharjee     Age : 21 years old

My name is Bijan Bhattacharya residing Howrah West Bengal s/o Late Mihir kumar Bhattacharjee i am 52 yrs old.

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