Arthritis and gout treatment

Herbal Ayurveda Joint Pain Treatment

Arthritis commonly founded in 80% of women who do not take proper treatment of Leucoria / Leucorrhoea, which stays for more extended periods, and then the result is Arthritis.


For the general patient:

Two capsules twice a day, after meals with fresh & clean water.

For the chronic patient:

Two capsules thrice a day after meals with fresh & clean water.


High protein products, stale food, sour and citrus products.

Should take: 

very light food.

After long research, doctors of different paths have prescribed to add our two products to get quick and effective results in Arthritis.

Dr. Thanki's DVT Protector Add on Vitalizer: 

One tsp with freshwater, thrice a day.

Dr. Thanki's Rati Priya Oil: 

Apply a few drops on the affected area, spread it gently, and leave it. (Do not massage this oil). 


As it knows that Arthritis Patient is always having a lack of vitamin D3, so the patient should sit in the sunshine to get vitamin D3.

Key Ingredients



Rasna Patti

Ras Sindur

Sudh Kuchila

Sudh Gugal

Gokhru Bada

Shankh Bhasma

Punarnava mool

Godhanti Bhasma

Swarna Makshik Bhasma


Dr. Thanki's Arthritis Capsule–

 Any joint pain causes arthritis & gout and problems due to high uric acid or irregular gas problem. It works very fast; if uric acid is high, we have suggested by some Ayurveda doctors to indicate the sufferer drink a juice of raw potato.

Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.

From The Desk Of Chairman

 Still, there is no answer to being occurred in arthritis symptoms. Some are saying due to lack of calcium, some say due to lack of specific vitamins as Vitamin D3.

Even though we can't find the cause of it, uric acid is always on the higher side of this type of sufferer. In our research, we found that in ladies, those who have Arthritis were suffering from Leucoria / Leucorrhoea. But still, we did not find the perfect cause of these problems except higher uric acid levels.

Each box contains 100 capsules of 600 mg