Devki Rawat-51yrs-Ovarian cancer-Thyroid-Leucoria

Dated : 23-03-2018     Patient Name : Devki Rawat     Age : 51 years old

Cancer, Chronicle Disease, Cystic & Fibrotic Uterus, Ovarian Cancer, Thyroid, Uncategorized

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Dated : 08-11-2016     Patient Name : Padma Pagre     Age : 42 years old

Diabetic, Spleen, Thyroid

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VANDNA BOTHRA-23 Years-Thyroglossal Cyst

Dated : 19-08-2016     Patient Name : Vandna Bothra     Age : 23 years old

Thyroglossal Cyst, Thyroid

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SEEMA YADAV-37years-Thyroid and bleeding from teeth since 2001

Dated : 23-12-2013     Patient Name : Seema Yadav     Age : 37 years old

I am Seema Yadav w/o Vinay Yadav age 36 years from Rewadi, Haryana. I am teacher in i had complaining of bleeding gum from last 10 years. I take advice from many doctors for these problems. They told me that you have payria. Many doctor checked me and gave medicine...

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