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Due to ignorance some boys become inhabitant of masturbutation in childhood which causes penis thin and small & also some nerves become loosen of penile sections. After marriage for happy, and pleasure sexual life it is must that penis should be in average size & with some strong muscles & nerves so it may erect properly. And he may enjoy properly.

  • Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine for Enlargement of male Private Part & Female Feeder Organs

    Due to ignorance, some boys become an inhabitant of masturbation in childhood which causes private part thin and small & also some nerves become loosen of penile sections. 

    After marriage for happy, and pleasurable life on the bed, it observed that the private part should be in average size & with some strong muscles & nerves so it may erect adequately. And he may enjoy enough. 

    In ladies, due to weakness stressful life, after childbirth or poor nutrition, we found some ladies have very tiny & loose Fedder organ which hamper the personality. Hence, the size of the feeder organ is significant for the cosmetic point of view. 

    It helps to increase the size of the private parts in men and increase the size of the feeder organs in ladies. 


    Take 1 tsp of this powder in a ceramic bowl or in hand palm of Mix some honey to make a paste. 

    Then apply gently on male private part or feeder organs and leave it for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, wash it with fresh cold or lukewarm water as per climatic conditions. 

    After 10 minutes, wash it with anybody soap with water.

    Regular utilize this product at least twice a day to get the fast and best result. 

    Some Dr Suggested that along with this if a person also take 

    Dr Thanki’s Ratipriya Oil 


    Dr Thanki’s power plus powder: 

    as per suggested dosages for three months Regularly. 

    A male of any age will become like a horse on the bed with a partner. 

    A female of any age applied it she will have significant and shaped feeder organs.

    You can see the application on our website both above mentioned products.


    Key ingredients

    Piper Nigrum

    Rock Salt

    Piper Longum

    Valeriana wallichii

    Selenium Indicum

    Achyranthes Aspera

    Sesamum Indicum

    Saussurea Lappa

    Hordeum Vulgare

    Phaseolus Mungo

    Brassica Canpestrislinu

    Withania Somnifera 

    Disclaimer: The result may vary from a person to person

    From The Desk Of Chairman:

    It is a fact that north Indian are Aryans and south Indians are Dravidian as per race. It found that the north Indian and south Korean are having the smallest genital part in the male in the whole world. Though as per consultants, the size of genital parts does not have an essential role in a play at night on bed.

    We are living in a modern age where people can get contact throughout the world. The world is now on the computer, and due to unawareness, the female likes large genital part as western people, so the male also inspires to have fulfilled their desire.

     A lot of devices come in the market to enlarge it, but the result of those devices is zero. So many companies are giving advertisement in paper and magazines in our country also but found no effect and the person become feels cheated by those companies.

     We went thru Ayurveda ancient books and got a formula to enlarge its size and length. Then we trialled over around 100 sufferers, and we found excellent results of our supplement in growing it.

    Then we become asked by some beautician to have a supplement to enlarge and shape on feeder organ in the female. We gave the same product to them and suggested them to apply with honey as in male we found the fantastic result of that.

    As we are giving promise of our result-oriented products, So now this is in your hand to get satisfaction and reply to us.

     If any queries or suggestion, you may contact on helpline number printed on the product.

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