Radhika Rai-65yrs-Hyper Acidity with a lot of problem

Dated : 23-01-2018     Patient Name : Radhika Rai     Age : 65 years old

Infertility and Azospermia (Low Sperms)

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SATPAL SHARMA - 32 yrs - Arthritis - liver and kidney Disease

Dated : 30-03-2017     Patient Name : Satpal Sharma     Age : 32 years old

The patient camr to us 5 years back complaining of gastric and acidity that time our dr suggested to take half tea spoon before lunch and dinner and shivakshar pachan churn half tsp after lunch and dinner. After 6 month he was alright again he got the same problem but he did not...

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PATASHI DEVI-60yrs-(Hepatomegaly with diffuse fatty changes and marginal splenomegaly-hyper acidity)

Dated : 31-07-2014     Patient Name : Patashi Devi     Age : 60 years old

I am lalchand from khiyeran. My mother name is Smt.Patashi Devi and her age is 60 years. My mother had a decreased appetite and constipation and kidneys were also complaining because of which she could not move. Then my friend told me that for go to

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