Ram Avtar-75Yrs-urinary bladder cancer-prostate cancer

Dated : 17-07-2018     Patient Name : Ram Avtar     Age : 75 years old

the patient came first time yet no any reviews got from him next time when he will visit we will get reviews over phone his son says he is feeling better now

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Hemant Prajapati-24yrs-urinary bladder cancer-urinary tract structure

Dated : 18-05-2018     Patient Name : Hemant Prajapati     Age : 24 years old

My name is Hemant prajapati S/O late Shri Jagdish Prasad Prajapati my age is 24 years residing in Datiya M P. When i was 17 years old i got severe pain in the back of stomach and in urinary bladder my father took me to Dr Saraf he investigated and by laser therapy and found...

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