Anandu Rai

Anandu Rai
Story Title : ANANADU RAI-60yrs- Metastatis Oral cancer
Patient Age : 60 years old
Date : 03-02-2014


Patient Review:-

My name is anandu rai and i am 60 yrs old i found cancer in my mouth so i went to mahavur cancer institute for treatment they have taken some flesh from my cheek and send it mumbai for investigation and the result came that cancer cell are spreaded in my liver and kidney. i become hopeless and came back to home. In my village one person told me about sambhu singh,Dr. who always treating cancer patients by some medicines he got from Bikaner. than i went my son to fetch the Dr. he came and see all reports and said it is on the last stage so sorry he cant provide medicine to me but when i requested him that whatever will happen you treat me so atarted my treatment gradually the problem i was facing were decreasing and within two months the smell become 75% less er than before i oofered them to get some cheap medicines but he denied than i again managed some funds and taken medicines and now i am still alive without any crucial problem.

as the mahavir cancer institute has warned me that i will not alive more than two months but still i am alive by the grace of Thanki's medicines.







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