Sarabjeet Kaur

Sarabjeet Kaur
Story Title : Sarabjeet Kaur-42yrs-Post cancer treated
Patient Age : 42 years old
Date : 10-08-2018

Patient Review:-

I sarabjeet kaur aged 42years w/o Gurdeep singh residing at Ghadsana dist.Sri Ganganagar.In my family my aunty BHUAJI died of cancer she was having tumor in head.My grand father also died with cancer he was having in food pipe.My father was suffering with liver cancer.All of these three died due to cancer.

Intially i was having pain in leg it was unbearable pain even i cant wear footwear and cant walk i went to so many Dr but it was not cured.

After two year i found a tumor in my right hand center that is kakh i visited to a Dr in Sri Ganganagar where the Dr declared that it is a cancer tumor we decided to operate during that time some of our relative told us to go to tulsi dharnia hospital in 2015 we came here and operated.

I was operated by Dr H.S KUMAR  after operation 6 cycle of chemotheraphy and 25 cycle of radiotheraphy given and after that we came every three month to check up.

Now from the last six months i am getting tightness and pain and weakness the treatment is going on of dr indrapuri he told compression in l4 l5 i feel better by his treatment and still it is continue.

To day on 6.8.2018 we came to bikaner to show dr indrapuri we gone thru a essay as cancer is treatable by dr raj kumar kochar we came to visit him. As i lost three family members due to cancer so i and my family members dont want to see me die due to cancer. I met with Dr Raj kumar kochar he saw all reports and explained as Hb is very low so he gone for check up of thallasemia he assured that i will not die due to cancer. He stopped milk curd sugar and fruit juice hetold i can eat fruit but not fruit juice. No any Oncologist given such instructions.As per my body weight Dr suggested me to take Dr Thanki Tum can capsule 8 cap per day he gave medicine for 45 days and ask me to come after 45 days.


sarabjeet 6.8.2018