Surendra Mittal

Surendra Mittal
Story Title : SURENDRA MITTAL-Kidney Failure
Patient Age : 52 years old
Date : 25-11-2014

Name:- Surandra Mittal      Age:- 52 Years  -   Add:- Jind,Haryana


Disease Discription:-

Heart Bye Pass Surgery Done 4 Month Back- Both Kidneys are Small in Size and Echo-texture Increased With ill Defined CMD


Treatment Given:-

                            Dr.Thanki's Kidney Care Capsule:- 3cap x 4times  a day= 12 cap per day with Anupaan" made by our 'Trio Hebal Extract':-  500 ml per day
                           Chandra Prabhavati:- 2 cap. for each time (Morning & Evening) =4 tablets daily
                            Advice:- Strictly Follow Diet Chart


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