Sunita Verma

Sunita Verma
Story Title : SUNITA VERMA-38yrs- (HIV AIDS Patient)-CURED
Patient Age : 38 years old
Date : 10-12-2013


Miss Sunita verma is a HIV-AIDS patient living in Rewari ,Haryana. her brother and father are living in Bikaner. she wants  hide her name or displaying in website as she was intercourse by another man who was HIV-AIDS positive but we requested their to mention her weight while purchasing medicine from us. we found every time her weight increased. for a long time she did not came but his brother is collecting medicine from us and sending to her.

Treatment given:

Dr Thanki Asthma powder                            1 tsp with honey at bed night

Dr thanki Immune Booster Powder              1tsp with water 2times a day

Dr Thanki tum can capsule                         2 cap with water 3 times a day

She taken medicine upto september 2016 after that she called to our office she dont need so and she was laughing with pleasure and said Dr i am free from HIV now i requested her to send report but she said when i will come Bikaner i will meet with you.












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