Sudhir Panwar

Sudhir Panwar
Story Title : SUDHIR PANWAR-35yrs-(Both kidneys are small in size with cortico echotexture of both kidneys increased and corticomedullary differentiation of both kidneys lost-renal disease with mild splenomegaly)
Patient Age : 35 years old
Date : 31-07-2014

Patient Review:-

Review From “Sudhir Panwar”

I am Sudhir Panwar s/o Ompal Singh from Delhi. First I had fever and then I went to “Yashoda Hospial,Gaziabad for treatment. After reached at hospital doctor told me about an infection in my kidney on basis of reports and gave me medicine and also advised for 2 time dialysis in a week. But still I did not feel comfortable.

After 3 months my friend told me about “Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd, Bikaner,Rajasthan India. So we went to Bikaner and showed all the problems to doctor. Thereafter doctor did reports and gave me medicine for 5 days. During these five days I was feeling much better and my health has improved considerably. During these five days I did not made dialysis and I removed facula.

Today i take medicine for one month from doctor and at this time I have no problem. The changes that occur during a month I will share with you all.

Review From “Sudhir Panwar”-PART-II

Today on dated 16.10.2014 I came to Bikaner. Last time I came here on dated 02.09.2014 and have been taking medicine regularly and only did sonography which showed that kidney was some increased than previous time. Blood test was normal but creatinine was 10.8 and urea was on high level. That time I could not share my all experience with all of you because of less time. At this time my reports results was like below:-

  1. Creatinine:- 7.3 (Previous was 10.8)
  2. Urea :- 160
  3. Uric Acid:- 5.3 (Previous was -7.4)

According to the reports potassium was marginal so doctor did not give any medicine for potassium and advised me for less use of papaya.

I want to tell all the readers that, in September while i go back from here (Bikaner) than my blood pressure was like this- Upper Level (90) and Lower Level (60) so I contacted to the doctor then he advised me for take electrol powder so I did as doctor said but no relief from that powder. Infect, I felt more weakness and I have also problems in walking. Then I went to my village and discussed my all problems with “Vaidya Vijay Kumar” then he gave me a thick liquid (which called in india”Chattni”) “Laxmi Vilaas” and advised for take it 1 spoon in morning and evening. Now blood pressure stayed normal and after 15 days I stopped it.

At the moment I'm feeling myself healthy and married life going better. No one says now, looking at my face that I'm a kidney patient. Now I came to here for take medicine but it’s not related about B.P.,potecium and heart related. Doctor give me medicine like below:-

1:- Dr.Thanki's Kidney Care Capsules (Daily 12 capsules with Anupaan)

Other Medcine:- Zyloric 300mg                                                                                Dytor-20mg                                                                                                         Folvite-5mg                                                                                                 Cundace-2.5mg                                                                                                         and "Chandra Prabhavati (2-2 cap daily)





























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