Kishan Lal Swami

Kishan Lal Swami
Story Title : KISHAN LAL SWAMI-55years- Diabetic Type II
Patient Age : 55 years old
Date : 03-12-2013

KISHAN LAL SWAMI-55years- Diabetic Type II Patient Treatment Review

My name is Kishan lal swami, aged 55yrs s/o late Salag ram swami residing outside of Nathusar gate, Mundhra ki Bagechi, Bikaner.

I am a diabetic patient for the last 2009, and I was just started walking every day 4to5 km but have not taken any medicine for that. I always go for a check-up and found sugar level 160-200. Though I am a diabetic patient, I never felt any problem like weakness, etc.

Some of my friends advised me to take medicine for diabetes because uncontrolled diabetes may cause certain crucial diseases in the future.

So on the advice of my friend Advocate Tribhuvan Shankar Bhojak, I came to this unit, and here the Dr. advised to go for a Random blood sugar check on 16th June 2013. It found 257 than the Dr. started medicine for sugar control on this 3rd December 2013 I go on check-up for random blood sugar and found 107. now I am feeling well, and I was feeling some pain in my thigh while walking. Now I did not feel any pain or problem.

As per Dr.'s advice, I am continuing the treatment.




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