Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh
Story Title : JASWANT SINGH-39 Years-Kidney Failure
Patient Age : 39 years old
Date : 15-05-2015

Disease Description:- Right Kidney is Small In Size.

Left Kidney is Normal in Size-Echo-texture    increased and CMD Lost


Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki's Kideny care Capsule:- 3cap x 3times a day with anupan.

Chandra Prabhavati Capsule:-  3cap x 3times a day.


Jaswant Singh Patinet Treatment Review 


My name is Smt Amarjeet Kaur, and I am writing this review of my husband, “Shri Jaswant Singh,” aged 40, Residence of Village:-Bidtalab Dist:- Bhatinda, Punjab.

On 20th March 2015, my husband got a fever and after an investigation found Typhoid Dr. has given some antibiotic for 3-4 days. Still, there was no positive result on 23rd March. The Dr. has given one injection of Diclofenac; after just taking that injection, my husband got pain in both sides of the abdomen. Dr. asked us whether my husband is taking ‘Alcohol’ or any ‘Drug’ or ‘bug.’ I refused that my husband has never taken alcohol or bug. 

Then, the Dr. did not say anything and became entirely and given some medicine and suet back home. As there was no positive result found and again, we went for a check-up. My husband was feeling week ness, and also he had the problem of indigestion. Whatever he was in taking as food, it removes out of the stool. Then we consulted another Dr. and showed me those test he said in future never give any pain killer injection to my husband, and he advised to take ORS regularly and assured that he would be alright.

But after taking ORS, no positive result. Still, he was feeling week ness, and he had a new problem of feeling cold. Then I consulted Dr. Ashwini Mittal, who advised to blood check for Typhoid, Sugar, Malaria, and some other tests. He found higher BP and was given a drop to control BP, given medicine for five days, and sent us back home. During those five days, my husband feels better, and 6th day, we again went to Dr. he gave me medicine for stomach pain and BP and told us to take it regularly.

But we found no better result, so we consulted another Dr. who advised for a check-up of USG Abdomen, and in the Blood report, S. creatinine found K1.2. Hence, we started Dialysis. After five dialyzes, we know about a company whose Dr. has got good results on Kidney, so we came to Bikaner. In Bikaner, we came to Vishla Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. And shown all reports to their Dr. he immediately advised checking USN Abdomen found the stone in the gall bladder and right Kidney. Both Kidneys saw a small and echo-texture increase of both Kidney and CMD lost, which proven failure.

On 6th May, in Blood report found some liver creatinine problems was eight and Blood urea was 74 but uric acid was 10.1 which was too higher The Dr. in Bikaner told us that due to higher level of uric acid.

I am requesting the reader to” please avoid pain killer tablets or injections so that no other one should have created any problem like my husband.” Due to renal failure, some try glyceride was also on the higher side. In urine report Albumin fount (+) and the Dr. of Vishla Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. Has said that creatinine level and, take medicine with following diet-chart there will be no need of Dialysis in future. I trust him and started treatment for stone and Kidney both.

The last Dialysis does on 4th May 2015, and during this period, my husband did not require Dialysis again. On 9th June, we came to Bikaner and also checked the USG Abdomen and some blood reports. In USG found there was no stone in the gall bladder and other parameters were some in urine albumin found faint trace which Dr. said somewhat better than previous. During this period, found week ness and some less calcium except that urine was passing more than 2 liters.

In blood, the report found liver is alright now, and creatinine found 7.9 and blood urea 158.3 and uric acid seven, which shows that creatinine did not increase though no dialysis does during this period. In my opinion, it is just a miracle.

Because I have already done five-time Dialysis of my husband and Dr. advised to do two-time Dialysis in a week. I know the reader wants to get rid of Dialysis of his relative or his own on 9th June try glyceride was some higher whereas H.b8, ESR-110, and lymphocytes come to 25% 18 on 6th May 2015. The Dr. said the stone of the gall bladder is liable to create cancer in the liver. Almost all liver cancer found the stone in the gall bladder. 

Readers who read this should be aware that if, and parson or himself found the stone in gall bladder should immediately treat gall bladder stone.

Right now, my husband is feeling some week ness, so he was not able to do his work. Now dr. has started treatment to remove week ness and advised my husband to do work after feeling healthy. ‘God will help us.’


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JASWANT SINGH 39yrs Kidney Failure patient treatment reports


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JASWANT-SINGH-39 Years-Kidney-Failure-patient-treatment-report-2

JASWANT-SINGH-39 Years-Kidney-Failure-patient-treatment-report-3

JASWANT-SINGH-39 Years-Kidney-Failure-patient-treatment-report-4

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