Jagwaml Singh

Jagwaml Singh
Story Title : JAGMAL SINGH-33Yrs-CKD IIIrd Stage with renal calculi
Patient Age : 33 years old
Date : 25-07-2017

Patient Reviews: CKD IIIrd Stage with renal calculi

Name: My name is Nicky Malik D/o Late Sahansarpal Malik.
Patient Name: Jagmal Singh S/o Rajpal Singh Gram: Bawli Dist: Bagpat

My brother in law has a kidney problem since March 2013; initially, he had a stomach ache. We took him to the hospital; the Dr checked and declared Iga Neuropathy disease. He is working in the military. The Dr started the treatment, and the serum creatinine was 1.7; and from that time, the treatment is going on in a military hospital for the last 4 years, he is taking treatment from there. In their village, one patient name Pramod Kashyap who already done 10 times dialysis, was living normally by the treatment of Dr raj Kumar Kochar of vishla agrotech Pvt ltd. He suggested consulting him, so today, 24th June 2017, we came to Bikaner.

Today as per the advice of Dr, we check the USG abdomen and some blood tests that found S creatinine 2.4 and in USG Abdomen found both kidney totally damaged and in the right kidney in the middle calyx, two stone found of 2mm and 3mm respectively. The Dr advised a diet chart, some medicines, and a course of homeopathy medicines for renal stones.

As per Dr. Raj Kumar Kochar advice, we are taking medicine for kidney and some Anupan Bottles today and will come back after 45 days again.

Nicky malik dated 24.6.17
Written by: Jagmal Singh
age: 33years

I Jagmal Singh came here last 24.6.17 and taken medicine for 40 days, and I followed his instruction. Initially, I had taken 2 ltr of water; then, I increased 50ml per day. After some time, I suffered from a cold and mild fever but was recovered within two days. My uric acid level was 7.8 now today; it is 5.4. My weight was 65kg; now it is 65kg. I am feeling better than before. At present, I am drinking 3 liters of water and urine, passing 2.8 ltr. There is no swelling in any part of the body. Now I don't feel tired. I think great changes found in me by the treatment of Dr. Kochar.

As per Dr's advice, I checked my blood parameter in that found some increment in potassium level, Dr added tab revolver 400mg half tablet daily. Still, the level of Sgot Sgpt related to the liver is not correct, so Dr. Kochar advised to take cap Cytozene 2 cap twice a day. My S creatinine level was 3.1. It came to 2.4, but as potassium level increased, blood urea found increased rest all reports found normal. This time I came alone to Bikaner. Dr asked me came after 120 days.

I Jagmal Singh came on 25.07.17 last year to the day on 19.01.18 I came again writing my experience. During this period, I was on defense duty, and there they test my blood three times. My blood urea came to 43,40,37, and creatinine level was 2.4,2.3 and 2.1. My hemoglobin was 12; during this period, I spent a happily married life. I did not feel any problem, and I don't feel like a kidney failure patient. I am taking these medicines.

tab Ramipril 10mg 1 tab every day
tab Autrin 1 tab twice a day
tab Revlomer 200mg every day
cap Cytozene 2 capsule twice a day
cap Thanki's kidney care with Anupan 2-3-3 total of 8 capsules a day

signature: Jagmal Singh 19.01.18


Treatment is given:

tab Zyloric 300mg 1 tab twice daily for 7 days
tab Zyloric 100mg 1 tab twice daily regular
cap Dexorange 1 cap daily
tav Silybon 140mg 1 tab twice day
tab Dytor 20mg 1 tab for times a day
tab Nicardia 10mg 1 tab daily
tab Arkamin 2 tab daily
Dr. Thanki's Kidney Care Cap 3-2-2 daily with anupan a mixture of two bottles Punarva Arq one bottle Kasni Arq one bottle Makoy Arq mix together and half bottle a day.


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