Dhapu Devi

Dhapu Devi
Story Title : DHAPU DEVIi -50yrs-Polycystic kidney-Renal failure (C M D Loss)
Patient Age : 50 years old
Date : 02-01-2014

Dhapu Devi Polycystic kidney-Renal failure (C M D Loss)

Name Age Address
Dhapu Devi 51 Ladera, Bikaner, Rajasthan




Patient Review:-


Review from "Rameshwar Lal Godara on behalf of his wife" "Dhaapu Devi."

I am Rameshwar Lal Godara from Ladera, Bikaner. In December 2011, I brought my wife to doctor R.S. Tanwar for a check-up, so that time he (doctor) did sonography and blood test and found that there were almost 40 small-large cysts in both kidneys of my wife. So at first, the doctor gave some medicine for this. But due to not any improvement, he advised undergoing dialysis.


So on dated 4 July 2012, we went to "Vishla Agro Tech (P) Ltd., Bikaner (Raj.) And met the doctor and showed them all the previous reports. He also did sonography and blood test and found results like this- Creatinine-(3.2), blood urea-(86), so as per work, he gave us some medicine. We were given all treatment to my wife as per the doctor's advice. Now he did tests on different dates, which given below:-


  •  On 7 July 2012, the result was like this- Creatinine-(2.9), blood urea-(65).
  • On 23 October 2012, and result was like this- Creatinine-(1.92), blood urea-(121.4).
  • On 13 February 2013, the result was like this- Creatinine-(3.49), blood urea-(130).

Because of the Irregularity of taking medicine, the last result was not good, and both levels were high.


Despite this condition, my wife kept all the house chores and even Continued to work milking cows and buffaloes.


Today on dated 21 November 2014, we did the test again and found the result given below:-


  • It was swelling in the cyst on top of the kidney.
  • urine color was found light yellow
  • Hb level was 8.0.
  • Creatinine- 5.4
  • Blood Uria-131.6
  • Uric Acid-7.1
  • In the vein on foot climb complaint was growing jitters.


Note: - my wife has a real sister, who has only one kidney from the time of her birth, but because of excellent care and management, she has no kidney problems. She also kept all the house chores.


Today, on 22 November 2014, the doctor advised us to take medicine properly, which we will follow.




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