Akhtri Begum

Akhtri Begum
Story Title : Akhtari Begum-52yrs-(Both kidneys are contracted and cortical thickness of both kidneys decreased with corticomedullary differenciation of both kidneys lost)
Patient Age : 52 years old
Date : 21-08-2014

Akhtri Begum Chronicle Disease, CKD, CRF, Cystic Kidney, Kidney Failure, PKD, Renal Failure Patient Patient Report:-

As they did not come back again to Bikaner, but they are taking by courier and Anupan they got from Gwalior.

Still, the patient well maintained by our medicine; they don't go for dialysis.


Dr Thanki Kidney care capsule 2 2 2

with anupan

Akhtari-begum-Chronicle-Disease-CKD-CRF-Cystic-Kidney-Kidney Failure-PKD-Renal-Failure-patient-Treatment-Report-1

Akhtari-begum-Chronicle-Disease-CKD-CRF-Cystic-Kidney-Kidney Failure-PKD-Renal-Failure-patient-Treatment-Report-2

Akhtari-begum-Chronicle-Disease-CKD-CRF-Cystic-Kidney-Kidney Failure-PKD-Renal-Failure-patient-Treatment-Report-3

Akhtari-begum-Chronicle-Disease-CKD-CRF-Cystic-Kidney-Kidney Failure-PKD-Renal-Failure-patient-Treatment-Report-4