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Ayurvedic kidney stone & Gallstone Treatment

It is a perfect medicine for removing kidney stone and gall bladder stone without operation.

If stone removed by operation it is found again regeneration of stone again but as per result of our medicine the patient treated by our medicine did not face such problem again.(experimented)

Ingredients: Punarnava mul, Harad, Baheda, Anwala, Yavkhar, Gokhru, Pashan bhed.


As the name denotes the stone and our company has made this product to remove stone from a sufferer whether it is in kidney or gall bladder or any other part of body. If a person continue this herbal supplement for six months after stone removal it can remove all those cells which are helpful in producing or forming of calcium oxalates i.e. stone. So that there is no chance of forming stone in future.

Special: There is no need of removing gall bladder, our product can remove all stones from gall bladder easily without giving any kind of painful experience to sufferer.


How to prepare the solution of this powder : 4 teaspoon of this herbal supplement should be mixed in around 250 ml to 300 ml of water than boil it in low temperature when around 40% water is burnt than stop boiling. After well screening and making it in room temperature store in a glass bottle or plastic bottle.

Take four teaspoonful of this mixture three times a day.

Note: For better taste you can mix some sugar with cardamom while boiling.

After a long research on sufferers some consultant of different path suggested some herbal supplement to be added with our herbal supplement to get quick and best result. (as they trialed and found result on some sufferers)

It the stone is in other than gall bladder in sufferer’s body along with our herbal supplement add theherbal supplement mentioned below

(a)Tab. Neeri: 2 Tab. Twice a day

(b) Kulthi Kalai Ki Daal: ½ teaspoon of this product should keep in a ½ glass of water in night and keep it close by some apparatus and left for a night and early morning take this water in empty stomach and throw the Kulthi Kalai Ki Daal, means only water should be taken.

With this combination any size kidney stone or in any other part of sufferer’s body it can remove out stones easily.

For Gall Bladder Stone : If stone in Gall Bladder take Only  Thanki’s Stone Powder alone as prescribed in Dosage mentioned above.


Green leafy vegetables, Tomato, Carrot, Spinach, Garlic, Onion, more cereals etc

Key Ingredients

Emblica officinials

Terminalia chebula

Terminalia belliricia

Boerhaira diffusa

Tribullies terrestritris

Bergenia ligulata

Pottasii carbonass

Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person

 Thanki’s Stone Powder

After removal of stone from either kidney or gall bladder the sufferer should continue for six months of this herbal supplement and if there was multiple stone than sufferer should take this herbal supplement for another 9 month so that the stone should not form in future.

From The Desk Of Chairman

As we know it is a self generated diseases and as per research it just a conversion of toxic material. The chemical composition of calcium oxalate which similar to chemical composition of pearls.

There are lot of herbal supplement for kidney stone in the market .

As our company theme and promise to customer to say that the herbal supplement should work on stone in every part of sufferer.

As in medical science there is no treatment for gall bladder stone just they are removing the gall bladder.

We are assuring to mankind to dissolve kidney stone,gall bladder stone and any stone in any other part of body also. Please believe on us and don’t remove any part of your body for stone problem.

Ayurvedic Gallstone Treatment

Ayurvedic Gallstone Treatment

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