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Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

The best and only medicine for Deep vein thrombosis in world it helps in varicose vein ,coagulate blood,thick blood due to any reason,dissolve blood clot due to long sitting ,cardiac protective,sperm protective,for de addictionofalcohol,paralysis,cardiacastma,thryoid,anti aging agent last but least to say master medicine of our company and in modern age it will act as AMRUTA.

A person ar the age of 40 if starts to take this medicine regular he will never change his physic as well as skin no sign of become older will show in his body.You want to look young always please try it and get good result.


Ingredients : Aswagandha, Arjun-Chhal, Avala, Giloy, Gokhru, Kachanar Chhal, Harde, Chotti Pipal, Haldi, Van Tulsi, Sudha Shilajit, Ajawain.

Introduction: The full name of DVT is Deep Vein Thrombosis, and it means that the blood becomes thick and coagulated inside the deep veins. 
In the year 1964 the French Scientists used this world (DVT) for the first time when a person after long distance traveling by airplane was found suffering from this type of symptoms and died after five days. 
Scientists decaled this disease as silent killer and once this disease occur then it is very difficult to cure so it is better to prevent this disease. 
Afterwards this word became very popular among the modern scientists and Doctors. The doctors concluded that these types of problem occur due to inactivity of the body for the long time. So it is often seen in pregnant women, inactivity of a patient after any kind of operation, the patient of any type of bone diseases, the inactivity due to old age, in old people and computer operating people or the people working in offices because they seat in one position for more then 4 hrs.

In Ayurveda this type of disease is known as Vat-Rakta, and according to ancient records this type of disease was found in the people like Kings, potters, cooks, horse riders etc.  
The ancient shastras inform us that this disease was curable with the help of Ayurveda. 
The Allopathic medicines which are formulated up to age today are capable of making the blood thin for easy circulation but they are incapable to dissolve the blood clots. 
In our product we are adding vitalizer with the medicine. The reason of which we are explaining as follows in The people of old age group can’t walk much so they pass their time at home by sitting or sleeping. In the body of this type of So c people the small blood clots are developed and after sometimes these clots come together to form blockage inside we any veins or arteries as the result of this the person dies. This vitalizer which is added in our product is highly effective for old age people. It promotes them for walking and doing his their own work.

Note : It is observed during the experiments done on old people that the persons who could do shaving Only in sitting do position1 after taking treatment with this medicine became capable of doing shaving by standing position. The persons who were walking little at home, after taking this medicine could walk outside with increased confidence. 
We gave the name ‘DVT Protector’ because our product is capable of prevention of DVT formation and is also capable of dissolving the blood clots deposited in any part of the body. 
young boys who generally put on tight pants & tight undergarments and do their work in offices sitting before computer or doing any other work in one sitting position continuously for more than four hours, the sperm count inside their body greatly decrease This vitalizer helps to maintain the sperm count and it helps to remove the exertion & tiredness of the body due to excess mental work and also recharges the body. 
In the human body, up to the age of 24, the veins & arteries becomes fully developed, in which the blood circulates. As the age increases up to 40 years the blood becomes thick and as a result of it the density of blood increases, so the blood can’t circulate properly and some vacuum is produced in the veins. During the course of time, air enters inside these empty places in the veins which are called ‘Vat-Rakta’ means the air in the blood. 
So one thing is that the blood of old person is thick & blood of young person is thin. This is the difference between the two. So we can conclude that if the blood of any person doesn’t become thick that person will never suffer the problem of old age. 
If our medicine is used regularly by any person at the age of 30, his blood will not thicken due to age and he will be safe against the old age problems. 
As this medicine is fully capable to dissolve the blood clots, so by its regular use any type of blockage inside the heart is gradually removed. In any type of illness which is caused due to the clot formation into blood in any part of body, this medicine is highly effective. 
We have given the name ‘Cardiac Protective’ to this medicine. As the blood becomes thin, which this medicine is very useful. As the blood becomes thin, the digestive system works property and if digestion is good then the problem like constipation, insomnia, never occurs. 
In the case of migraine which is due to the modem life style, this medicine gives good results The persons who works in sitting position for more than 4 hrs are called immobile persons. This type of people is prone to the disease called DVT. 
If we observed modern life style, we can see that the persons like bus travelers, train travelers, Magistrate, Bank Staff Member, Shares & Stock Workers, Goldsmith, Carpenters, Potters, Blacksmiths, the Pregnant Lady, Working on Computer, sitting in the office, the person after operation & persons working after bone diseases treatment for all such persons this medicine sates exactly. Shop keepers are also included in this list. So this medicine is applicable to 60% people in this time. 
The extra advantage of this medicine is to control the fat. To decrease the fat of thick persons this medicine is highly effective. The patient suffering from gout & joint pains, along with the regular treatment by any other medicine, if this medicine is taken, it gives excellent results. 
If any type of medicines is not effective on any diseases this medicine gives excellent results, means where no medicine works, this medicine will work. 
For persons working in sitting position for long time gets swelling of muscles in legs, shows blood veins network, pain, uneasiness, fear, physical & mental tiredness for all such symptoms and to decrease the fat this medicine is highly effective. It is effective on genital organs of both male & female. For male it increases sperm count, vigor & vitality. For male & female it gives new sex life. It removes all the blood clots produced anywhere in the body after accident and sickness like paralysis. It give relief from pain produced due to gout & swelling of muscles. It removes constipation due to sitting for long time. It is also useful for migraine. It is tonic for heart. It tones the heart & removes all the clots from in the arteries & veins of heart. It is boon for all the heart patients. 
This medicine decrease the excess fat produced in the body and control the thickness of body. It also controls the exhaustion due to thickness. This medicine gives excellent results for patients of Thyroid diseases, Neuropathy (occurred in diabetic patient). This medicine also increases the proportion of blood. It controls blood pressure and cholesterol also. 
Dose: Morning – One Tea-Spoonful after breakfast with water. Evening – One Tea-Spoonful after dinner with water.

Note The persons who does not get breathlessness in winter season or dusty atmosphere but get breathlessness while climbing stairs or walking for a long are suffering with cardiac Asthma. For that use our Dr. Thanki’s Asthma Power along with this medicine as mentioned below: 
Dose of D.V.T. Powder in Cardiac Asthma 
Take I glass lemon water and add one spoon of Isabgol power to it. Take it & after 10 minutes take this medicine (3/4 spoon) with water Thrice a day. 
Note: The same application can be applied on persons who want to reduce the weight. 
Dr. Thanki’s Asthma Powder Dose 
For such patients take this medicine twice a day (3/4 spoon) with honey. 
For Accident or Paralyses Patients : Follow as per table given below- 
1st to 3rd day : 3/4 spoon-2 hr. interval 10th to 12th day : % spoon-5 hr. interval 
4th to 6th day : % spoon3 hr. interval 13 to 15th day-3h spoon-6 hr. interval 
7th to 9th day : 3/4 spoon-4 hr. interval 15th days onwards: same continue as 15th day 
For Treatment of Thyroid: 
Dr. Thanki’s Blood Purifier capsule: 
1 capsule twice a day with freshwater. 
Dr. Thanki’s DVT Protector Add on Vitalizer: 
Take 1 tsp Isabgol husk with fresh water; after 10 minutes, 
take 1tsp of this medicine with fresh water
, Twice a day. If weight of the patient exceeds 80 kg, then take thrice a day. 
Note: Each time it is necessary to take Isabgol husk before taking the medicine to get fast and positive result. 
Note: After 15 days continue same dose till it is cured give it 
with Luke warm water. 
Note: For any kind of assistance please contact on Mob.No. 


Withania Somnifera
Terminalia Arjuna

Emblica Officinale

Tinospora Cordifolia

Tribulus Terrestris
Bauhinia Varieata–
Terminalia Chebula–

Piper Longum–

Curcuma Longa–

Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni–

Tachyspermum Ammi

The main goals of treatment with Thanki’s DVT Protector ADD ON VITALIZER for deep vein thrombosis are:

• To prevent the blood clot from becoming larger.

• To prevent the blood clot from traveling to the lungs (pulmonary embolism).

• To prevent post thrombotic syndrome, a condition that can cause pain, swelling, and sores of the affected leg.

• To prevent the recurrence of blood clots.

• To raise the sperm count in the male & making them fertile.

• To relieve the symptoms of mental and physical fatigue.

Disclaimer:- The result may vary from person to person.

From The Desk Of Chairman


–I was always thinking in my mind that why a person look old in old age why he become so having some wrinkles on face and different parts of body secondly a person does not suffering with any kind of problem but he also died at old age why he die or what happen with that guy when he died normally people are saying his time was over and god called him.It can stop Alzheimer and Parkinson .

I was confusing always by listening these words and question was always in my mind as it was known to me that if I will ask this question to any one he will laugh and will say the truth is to born and die on earth. But I cant stop myself and delivered it to my guru and my research team they did not laugh but shocked to listen topic i said to them.
After all the research started and we found that the young person become old as after 40 years the metabolism become reduced and the blood become some thick which create vacuum in blood veins where air goes and caused the imbalance of hormones and the changes seem in the body as white hair and wrinkled main cause find as thickening of blood means if we maintain our blood thin after 40 years we did not get hormonal imbalance hence the white hair ,wrinkles or any other symptoms will not occur.

Thanki’s DVT Protector Add On Vitalizer can maintain our blood thin.The immobility causes death and at the old age people lose their confidence and mostly they stay at him watching some time TV or taking rest or just walking when performing his morning duty. Question arise who is immobile: a person sitting more than four hours in particular position is called as immobile person.

When a person become immobile there if formation of blood clot on deep vein and they may become co agulate and form a big clot which may block heart, brain or nervous system and it may lead to death Thanki’s DVT Protector Add On Vitalizer can destroy the blood clots and could save life.It may destroy blood clots and can dissolve in blood again.

–If don’t want to look old and if you are more than 35 years you may start to save yourselves from looking old secondly if don’t want die by DVT and you are more than 60 years please start today for safeguard.

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Each Packet contains 100gm 500Rs INR

Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Herbal Treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis

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