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Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Best Ayurveda Herbal medicine for female genital problem it helps in leucoria,bad and foul smell from vagina,irregular mensuration,less or excess bleeding in uterus, conceiving problem,stops white discharge and blood discharge,burning sensation in hands and feet,heaviness in uterus,pain in abdomen during mensuration and infection in vagina etc

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Ingredients: Harad, Baheda, awala, saunth, black piper, chotipiple, chitrak mul, chavya, wayvidang, sendha salt, black salt, bach mitha, hauber, kuth mitha, karchur,Devdaru,Small Cardamom, Vidhara, Alwa, Naag Kesar

in this modern age women of all countries suffering from leucoria, a chronic diseases due to which they are looking weak and unhealthy.

The leucoria causes constipation in ladies. Our Ayurveda medicines remove it in the first 4-5 days of the treatment.

Secondly, leucoria causes bad and foul smell from vagina. In medical science doctors are giving some vagina tablets and the application is very tough. Our Ayurveda medicine works as highly antibiotics and the same medicine is applied for vagina wash.

In this product we have taken cardamom as one of the ingredients, not for the flavor or taste nut to function as a medicine. Other ingredients included are rock salt and black salt which also function as medicines.

Normally , it has been observed that leucorian lady either did not conceive, or if conceived, did not have sex without precaution, but the lady who did not conceive is considered as suffering from infertility. The salts contain calcium which gets deposited on vagina through salaination process, and calcium has got capability to attract spermatozoa and thus the lady may conceive.

The leucoria is a sickness of females due to white discharge. The main indications of leucoria are getting pain due to white discharge and blood discharge, also burning sensation in hands and legs, heaviness in uterus, and pain in abdomen and stomach during menstruation. When the white discharge stops for sometime temporarily, ladies think that the leucoria has been cured. But the leucoria does not get cured without proper treatment. It may create other disease in future like Arthritis, gout; painful joints etc. for such disease there are long and costly treatments. In eastern countries the woman who is suffering   from leucoria removes her uterus and understands that the leucoria is cured and now she is safe. But the results are adverse. These operated women are getting disease like arthritis, gout and join pains.

Doses: Ordinary patient can take 1 teaspoonful daily morning and evening with water, after lunch and  dinner. If the diseases is chronic then patient must take this medicine thrice a day.

Additional: Along with medicine the patient must clean the vagina properly, because the bacteria present on outside of vagina must get removed, otherwise this disease can appear again.

Washing and Cleaning of vagina:

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

  1. Boil ½ teaspoonful of above medicine in 100ml of water, and after cooling, filter it. Fill it in a small syringe (used for sewing machine), keep it on the opening of vagina, spray, and wash it properly. If the disease is chronic, then apply twice in a day.

Precaution for future:

  1. Wash all underwear of lady patient separately.
  2. Before and after urination, wash the urinary place properly with water.
  3. After doing sexual intercourse, wash entire vagina properly after 10 minutes.

NOTE: during treatment with this medicine, the patient must take 1 glass of buttermilk or one cup of curd, but if the patient has got acidity, then advised not to take it. Then take tablet sporlac DS1tab thrice a day.

The patients, who do not like to take this medicine in powder form with water, are advised to take it by mixing it in water or by making paste with honey. In this age this disease is found to be present in 97% of ladies in India.

For the patient who is suffering from this disease for long time should practice as follows:

Washing and cleaning of vagina: (twice a day) as guided above.

Note: in very rare case , if a lady has taken any drug for abortion, then  is not curable.

Specially: our research leucoria shows that Arthritis or gout could be developed, if leucoria is more than 10 years old.

Patient should take: green leafy vegetables, milk, curd, fruits, etc.

Avoid: oily and spicy food, pickles, gud(sugar palm), tension etc.






Terminalia chebula

Terminalia bellerica

Emblica officinale

Zingiber officinale

Piper nigrum

Piper longum

Piper Rectrofarctum

Argyreia Speciosa

Aloe Vera

Mesua Ferrea

Plumbago zeylinicum

Embelia ribes

Rock salt

Black salt

Acorus calamus

Juniparus communis

Saussuria lappa

Curcuma zedoaria

Cedrus deodara

Elettaria cardamomum



From the desk of chairman


After a longer period in this problem there become bad smell coming out from sufferer private parts. In some sufferer it is found that they conceive very early but in some sufferers does not conceive. We can say the sufferer does not conceive is a problem as it is called infertility. When we research this supplement we have investigated with hundreds of sufferer found that this problem causes constipation.

–After taking our product by the sufferer having clear motion from this second day and the symptoms of leucoria become controlling after seven days.

–The sufferer who got bed smell from private part the modern science suggesting some vagina tablets. But the application of such private part tablet is very difficult.

–While researching this product we managed to have antibiotic property in our product. So that we can advice to wash and clean private parts from our supplement easily.

—We have mixed Elettaria cardamomum in this product not for the taste because we have mixed black and rock salt also as Elettaria cardamomum having highly antibiotic property, both the salt are working to collect calcium from the sufferer body and deposit on private part and as we know that calcium has property to attract sperms so we have added both the salt for those type of sufferer who are not conceiving.

–As sufferer can get rid of it but in absence of not proper treatment ladies become facing a lot of problems like weakness,joint pain,bad smell in private part.In some cases we found no result on leucorian ladies when we find we find that they have taken any tablet for abortion in these cases the white discharge is not simple as leucoria it is secretion by pelvic bones so these cases are not being cared or get rid of by our herbal supplement. this symptoms feels as leucoria but not like that.



Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person

Each Packet contains 100gm powder 500Rs INR

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vaginal Infections

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