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(For Shape & Size of Boobs)
– In the ladies, due to lecoria, unhealthiness stressful life after child birth, or due to poor nutrition, we have observed that some ladies have small breasts which hamper their personality, as the size of the breast is very important for looking beautiful 
Our medicine helps in increasing the size & Shape of the breast in ladies. 
Regular use of this product, at least twice daily, gives fast and best results 
Dr. Thanki’s Madhumasti Powder: 
Put near half-teaspoonful in a ceramic/glass pot and mix with honey to make paste. Apply this paste on the breast gently and leave for one hour (Approximately). Than wash it with plain water. After5minotes again wash it with bath-soap and water

For best and fast result: 
Take this medicine on the palm and sock it slowly and swallow with water, in morning and evening, one teaspoonful after eating something By taking the medicine this way, the patient gains a lot of benefits. 
Dr. Thanki’s Ratipriya Oil: 
The oil can be applied gently on female breast. Apply a few drops on breast and rub it clockwise gently. (It works in giving shape and to increase the size of the breast). 
Dr. Thanki’s power plus powder: 
One teaspoonful in moming adler breakfast, and one teaspoonful at bed time, by taking this medicine on the palm and sock it slowly and swallow with water. By taking the medicine m this way, the patient gets lot of benefits and immediate results 
For better result . Take one glass of hot milk added with Almond Pistachio, Akhrot (Walnut), kharek (Dates Dry skin), and Chilgoja (Pine nuts) in equal proportions Even patient can make the preparation at home. These dry fruits are taken in equal proportions and kept first in sunshine to let out the moisture, and dry them perfectly, then mix ins mixer, and store in a glass or plastic container. When consumed, the mixture will increase the weight and semen ins person very fast. 
As it is not a hot product in nature, we can provide this product in summer season also.
Patient should take: 
Milk, green leafy vegetables, paneer, and more cereals 
Avoid: Alcohol tobacco, and all kind of these types of products. 
A female of any age, will have big and shaped boobs, when 
applied regularly, (at least for 6 months regularly)

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