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lungs,Pneumonia,C O P D, I L D,allergy,Bronchitis,Sinus,bronchial asthma,weakness in respiratory system,cardiac asthma,skin disease ,child asthma, skin psorasis,eczema.(the connection of skin and lung read from the desk of chairman.)

Ingredients : Kantkari, Adusa, Bharangi, Somlata, Haldi, tulsi, Giloy, Saunth, Mulethi,jupha

The Person suffering from Asthma have weak lungs, which are due to pneumonia in the childhood, excessive smoking, and tuberculosis, infection in the lungs, allergy, bronchitis, or weakness of the respiratory system.

When asthma persists for longer period, or if there is blockage in the arteries of the heart of the patient, it is called cardiac asthma. Since asthma is due to cough, our Ayurveda medicine gives amazing relief from the diseases. This medicine is useful in diseases produced due to cough as well as cold and coryza, coughing ( with or without cough)

In some patient when asthma is cured, gets eczema , and when eczema is cured, gets asthma. Our medicine helps to cure both. Our medicine consists of all natural herbs, and a special herb called “jupha” which has got capability to absorb excess cough from human body, and remove it out through stool.

If an infant baby suffers from pneumonia repeatedly, the treatment is to give ¼ tsp of his medicine, mixed with honey, and licking by tongue , the cough gets removed out through stool , and the baby becomes normal.

We found asthmatic problem in some children called “child asthma” for which allopathic doctors are prescribing some tablets, inhaler, and nebulizer, containing steroids which make bones weak, if taken for a longer period. We suggest this type of children should take our medicine for 90 days, continue as 1 tsp mix with honey, after breakfast and at bed time that is twice a day and then stop it till the asthma  attack  did not occur. If the attack occurs again, then again give this medicine , as suggested above, for others 90 days and then stop. Our research shows that initially the duration of repetition of asthma attack increases, but gradually it is subsiding, and finally, the child is out of asthma problem forever. The goods result are confirmed by improved cases of trials on certain patients.

Allopathic drug are unable to cure sinus problem once it starts, as in this case the cough reaches in the brain section, and hence white hair in this case the cough reaches in the brain section, and hence white hair in young age is seen . loss of memory, and in some cases loss of vision, is also observed. If our medicine is taken regularly as prescribe general dose, even chronic patients will get rid of this crucial disease , permanently. Confirmed good results on trials on certain patient are obtained.


For Baby: ½ tsp mixed with honey twice a day

For Adults: 3/4 tsp mixed with honey, make a paste and lick it twice a day, after breakfast and bedtime.

NOTE:  In case of unavailability of honey, one can take the same dose of the medicine with Luke warm water.

Cough Syrup: 4tsp of the medicine powder added in 250ml of water, heated to boil till gets reduced to20ml, cool, filter and it into a glass bottle. It will work as the nest cough syrup.

Dose: small children 2 Teaspoonful 3 times a day.

Adults: 4 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Note: Patients are advised to wear socks at night while sleeping or cover the legs with blanket.

 It has been observed that some persons are not getting any asthmatic problem while they sit or sleep at home. Even in acute winter season they are not getting any problem or condition of asthma while they are at home; however they are getting problem while they are climbing on stairs or walking for a long. These patients are known as cardiac asthmatic patients for such type of patient we prescribe our dr. thanki’s DVT Protector Add-on Vitalizer along with our Asthma powder medicine.

Method to take Dr.Thanki;s  D.V.T. protector Add on Vitalizer:

Take 1 tsp isabgol husk (psylium husk) with fresh water. After 10minutes take Dr.thanki;s D.V.T. protector Add on Vitalizer 1 teaspoonful with fresh water. This should be taken thrice a aday.

Note: Each  time patient should take isabgol husk before taking Dr.Thanki;s Acidity capsule in the morning with empty stomach.

Note: if patients are suffering from acidity, then they should take 2 capsules of Dr.Thanki’s Acidity capsule in the morning with empty stomach

Patient should take: light food

Avoid: Curd, banana, sour, pickles, gud (sugar palm), oily, stale and spicy food.




Adhatoda vesica

Ephera vulgaris

Curcuma longa

Ocimum sanctum

Zingiber officinalis

Glycerrhiza glabra

Carum copticum

Hyssopus officinalis

Tinospora cordifolia

Clerodendrum  serratum

 Solanum xanthocarpum



Management Of C O P D

After a longer period of bronchitis asthma there might be C O P D in lungs which in  Ayurveda says as screening of lungs.The  modern science does not claim to get rid of but we found that regular in taking of our supplement sufferer get rid of lung C O P D.

Even in I L D sufferers it supports lung and the sufferer can reduce harmful steroids .

As it is well known to us that we are living in pollution environment and pollution consist of some gases which are harm full but our lungs has to intake and causes lung problem. As per holy Ayurveda sastra all skin problem and lung problem are due to cause of kaph all type of skin disease even eczema and psoriasis can cure if taken for lung time the medicine in medical science can cure skin problem but as side effect become Asthmatic patient but if treated by our medicine  no side effect such occur.

Even the style to look smart of having cigarette in hand or habitual of smoke can also be have the lung problem.

 Note: The sufferer of lungs problem should avoid to take enema in any circumstances. He must take such food which does not make constipation or any laxative.

Disclaimer: the result may vary from person to person

 Each Packet contain 100gm powder cost 500Rs INR

Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment

Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment


Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment

Ayurvedic Asthma Treatment

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