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Ingredients : Ajwain, Nagkesar, Mulethi, Kutaj ghan, Kalimirch, Saunth, Mocharas, Pipal Nagar motha, Sankh Bhasma, Loh Bhasma

It works in all kinds of stomach disorders. Generally, in tropical climatic Countries there is acute problem of Giardia and Lambia which causes loose motion, Constipation, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, irritation, irritable bowel Syndrome etc. 
If the treatment for amoebiasis is not taken properly in time, it may get converted into Spru “sanghrahani” disease. 
As there is too much pollution in the air and water, the disease spreads fast almost everywhere in a Village as well as in a city. 
The drugs available in the market this disease are unable to remove it completely, or they did not work on them for a long time and hence, it repeats again and again; whereas in Ayurveda there is perfect treatment, so that the person becomes free from the disease completely 
For General Patient: 
Two capsules twice day with water.

For Chronic Patient: Two capsules thrice day, with Water 
These capsules are to be taken after meals. 
Avoid: Spicy food, oily food, fatty food, junk food, more milk. 
Should take:Curd, Buttermilk Psyllium Husk (SAT Isabgol), with water
We advise a patient to take this medicine for at least six months for permanent cure

  Key Ingredients

Loha Bhasma
Shankh Bhasma
Mesua ferrea
Piper Nigrum
Piper longum
Zingiber officinalis
Cyperus scariosus
Glycerrhiza glabra
Tachyspermum ammi
Salmalia malabarica



cummilitive effect



As we know that the mixture of herbs and shrubs and Bhasmas are giving effect after internal reaction with each other and thus we get result.

Here are some herbs which directly written in books as anti dysentery and anti amoebiasis but some are not mentioned directly but they found as effective when they meet with some other ingredients.



while getting treatment sufferer should avoid oily and spicy food.

milk also generates mucous so direct milk in any form should be avoided to get fast result.

From The Desk Of Chairman

It is a disease which occurred in about 62% population of India. As we have fast and clumsy life and our brain is penetrating fast by the atmosphere or job, as government fails to supply healthy safe drinking water as per BIS norms 10500 to 75%population of india in village people are bound to take drinking water from pond where cow buffalo are taking bath. Junk food is also a cause of it.when it removes out undigested it hampers in the gut and sometime it may cause to peptic ulcer,secondly the sufferer body become ill and will loose his weight.–

The main problem occurred if amoebic remains in a patient body for long, he may suffer with irritable bowel syndrome.it is now well developed in city area.

Each box contains 100 capsules of 500mg each cost 600Rs INR


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