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Thanki’s Blood Purifier Capsule

(For Hormonal Imbalance & Thyroid) 
Azadiracta Indica
It works in any kind of hormonal imbalance in the human body. It maintains hormones; hence it is very useful in thyroid. We have observed during our research, that the cause of self generated diseases, like Cancer, High BP, Kidney problems, Stones, etc. are due to hormonal imbalance, or due to enzymatic imbalance, in both men and women. Our medicine works as a preventive measure to stop these Chronicle diseases. 
Secondly, when the medicine is present in the blood stream, it will not permit the development or attack of any. kind of virus or unhealthy cells, or any kind of infection in the human body. 
One capsule twice a day with Water.

Minor: One capsule Once a day with Water

For Treatment of Thyroid
Dr. Thanki’s Blood Purifier capsule: 
I capsule twice a day with fresh water.

Dr. Thankj’s DVT Protect Add on Vitalizer. 
Take I tsp Isabgol husk with fresh water after 10 minutes take ltsp of this medicine with fresh water,
Twice a day. If weight of the patient exceeds 80 kg, then take thrice a day. 
Note: each time it is necessary to take lsabgol husk before taking the medicine to get fast and Positive result.

Dr. Thanki ‘s Liver care Powder: 
Take I tsp, mix with one cup of fresh water, and leave itfor30 minutes to settle then stir Properly and take, twice a day.


Key Ingredient

Azadiracta Indica



From The Desk Of Chairman

As it is known to everybody related to Ayurveda that non removal of toxic material from a human body causes a crucial health issue.–      

We started to research on the natural genetic In  forest in Andhra Pradesh and got good quality Azadiracta Indica leaves from there.–
This can be taken by a anybody . This is neither giving heat or cold inside human body as this is a tree of tropical climate.As per Ayurveda books this is only product on earth to balance of hormones in both sex and to control viral and other infections.–

 Note: In any form of Azadiracta Indica should not be given to pregnant lady.

Each Box contains 100 capsules 500Rs INR

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