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(For Gout & Uric Acid) 
Ingredients: Shyonak panchang 

It works in Gout, Arthritis and acute problems of osteo arthritis. 
Note : This medicine helps in irritable bowel syndrome and hence it works in constipation. 
Special: As it works in removing uric acid from the blood through urine and stool it stops a lot of self generated disease like cancer, kidney stone, renal failure which are very crucial and non curable or typical to care. 
: The people of above 40 years should take this medicine every day to protect from self generated crucial disease. 
For Normal patient 
:2 capsules twice a day with water.

For chronic patient: 2 capsules thrice a day with water.

Should take: Light & easily digestive food. 
Avoid: High protein food products, sour, citrus and stale products.


 Oxylium  Indicum

  Thanki’s Oxy-ium Capsule–

 It works in Gout, Arthritis and acute problem of osteo arthritis.–

 Dosage: 1gm. To 10 kg. of sufferer body weight means 10 Capsule If, sufferer weight is 50 kg.,as the capsule consist of 500 mg Capsule should be take with fresh and lukewarm water.–

 Avoid : having much protein value, sour & citrus and stale food. Should take Light food. Note This helps in irritable syndrome sufferers also.

Disclaimer:The result may vary from person to person


From The Desk Of Chairman–

 As the panchang of this plant is very difficult to collect . in the market   the powder of this productis not available original or up to the mark.   Our company researcher has found sure shot  resulton gout, rheumatism, joint pain  and severe osteo arthritis .Some consultant four company andsome private practioners have trialed along with our  Thanki’s DVT Protector Add On Vitalizer Thanki’s Rati Priya Oil  Thanki’s Arthritis Capsule as suggested dosages and application on around seventy sufferers and got very good results than we decided to launch so that the sufferers ofabove mention problem may be benefited of this miracle herb. We are collecting  this herb from the original source to maintain the quality of this product. We assuring the human being to serve this product in future of best quality to get best result. As  we know that after taking food and liquid by ahuman it comes out from body in the form of urine and stool and along with them toxic materialsremove out from body but if they did not remove out wholly they become remove out by ailmentlike loose motion, headache with cold, vomiting etc .Even if they don’t remove out from body byailment than they will deposite in the human body and converts into uric acid and the uric acid isfundamental cause of Arthritis and Gout.

Each Box contain 500mg 100 caps 2200Rs INR


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