KAMLA DEVI -59 yrs.-Stomach & Oesophagus -Metastatic Carcinoma

Patient Review:- the patient came thru us by prem hans lakhara of Bhopalgarh she was carried by some relatives and they were illiterate so that could not given us their review in written. as the old lady was already operated esophagus ...

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SHASHI SINGH- Oesophagus Cancer- Neoplastic-2nd stage

YES THE CANCER BE CURE OF OESOPHAGUS THOUGH SECOND STAGE Proven                                           &...

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R M GOPAL RAO - 82years-Supraglottic carcinoma

I am miss R Jagdamba d/o of Sri R.M.GOPAL RAO writing this about my father disease. My father is aged 80 years shown to ENT Dr when he felt some thing problem in swallowing food he after investigation he declared that my father is suffering with Throat Canc...

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Joraram Beniwal-62yrs-esophagus cancer

Patient reviews: I  Joraram beniwal aged 62 yrs residing of Sikar .On the begining i felt problem in eating food so i showed to Dr Kailash he advised for X RAY so i done X ray in which found a tumor in gut line Dr advised me ...

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Satpal Goyal-50yrs-Esophagus cancer-oral cancer

Patient Reviews: name: satpal goel new abadi gali no 1 Abohar (punjab) My name is satpal goel and i belong to Abohar i found blockage in food pipe i went to Max Hospital at Sri Ganganagar th...

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Milkh Raj Arora-68Yrs-esophagus cancer -oral cancer


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