MOHINI DEVI-50Yrs- (Fatty liver with weight loss and indigestion after malaria)

Treatment given: Dr thanki Liver care powder                     1 tsp three times a day Dr thanki Immune Booster    ...

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NARESH KUMAR-22-Hepatitis B + liver problem

Name:- Naresh Kumar      Age:-22           Add:- Patna,Bihar Patient Review :- ...

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JAITI DEVI-65 Years-Enlargement Liver

Name:- Jaiti Devi                Age:- 65 Years                 Add:- Bikaner   Disease Description:- Liver Parenchyma Increased &...

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Name:- Pramod Kumar Srivastav         Age:- 53Years            Add:- Delhi-52   Disease Description:- IIDM Diabetes with liver enlarge ...

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