SEEMA YADAV-37years-Thyroid and bleeding from teeth since 2001

 Patient Review:- Review from Seema Yadav I am Seema Yadav w/o Vinay Yadav age 36 years from Rewadi, Haryana. I am teacher in i had complaining of bleeding gum from last 10 years. I take advice from m...

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SWATI VERMA-20yrs-(Obesity)

Patient Review:-   ...

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VWEENA DEVI MAWANI-30Yrs- (taken harmon therapy for child-harmonal inbalance with joint pain and high uric acid)

Patient Review:- Review From “Veena Devi Mawani” I am Veena Mawani age 30 years from Bikaner,Rajasthan,India. I have complain of “NAJLA” from childhood. I have ...

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MANJU DEVI SETHIA-45yrs-(Acute retension of urine-already drilled four times but atlast attempt drilling of urine passage failed)

Name:- Manju Devi Sethia      Age:- 45 Years        Add:- Gangashahar,Bikaner   Disease Discription Retention of urine   Treatment Give...

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