ASHA BHATI-27yrs-(Uterus markedly enlarged in size, showing large fibroid in uterus-Mild Right Hydronephrosis, With Large Two Fibroid.)

Patient Review:- As the patient's brother mr bhati is working in government hospita PBM Bikaner . As we treated so many patients expelled from their hospital so he faith on us and we got a chance to treat her. treatment given her...

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BABY AGARWAL-21 Yrs-Bicornuate uterus

 Patient Reviews: This is a challenge case referred by one of the astrologer of Bikaner i consulted so many Dr but they all told me that it is impossible to be cure Bi coronuate uterus by any means the uterus must be remo...

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Satya prakash singh-40yrs-oral cancer-mouth cancer


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