Rameshwar Choudhry-75 Years-Prostate…..

Name:- Rameshwar Choudhry                 Age:-75 Years               Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Prostate….


Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki’s Liver Care Powder:- 3/4tsp x 2times a day mix with water.

Dr.Thanki’s Prostrex Powder:-3/4tsp x 2times a day (After Breatfast and bad time)


Patient Review

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Bhanwar Lal Sharma-70 Years-Prostate….

Name:- Bhanwar Lal Sharma                Age:- 70 Years              Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Anxiety due to Amoebisis-Enlarge prostate and spleen-Mild phobia due to Amoebisis.


Treatment Given:-

Treatment Started From 01 April 2015

Patient Review

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