Sita Devi Bansal -ovarian cancer- age-70yrs

A successful treatment of ovarian adenocarcinoma Patient Review:- As per her family member she got severe adbomer pain and they took to Dr. Deepti wahal M.S center in bikaner and she advised for check up and found a mass in uterus measuring 77X44 mm seen in left adnexal reqion. they taken FNAC report which shows adeno carcinom. so 27th june she was diagnonesed as cancer patient. They took her to our oncologist by name Dr. S.Dharniya he again made an USG abdomen while found the tumor size was 5.6X5.2 cm and again the Dr.made an FNAC report and found the same adenocarcinoma. she investigated for CA12.5 and found less than cancer limit. as the doctor was not satisfied by the result so the realised for USG abdomen in that found...
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