Mr.Virendra Tak-35 yrs- Azospermia


Name:- Virendra Tak       Age:-35 Years           Add:- Bikaner,Rajasthan


Patient Review:-


         My Name Is Virendra Taak From Bikaner Rajasthan India. I Have Been Married For 4 Years And 6 Months. And I Have Always Been Trying To Have A Child. But My Wife Is Not Pregnant. During This Year’s Me And My Wife Never Used Any Precautions And Any Kind Of Tool For Stop The Pregnancy Of My Wife But We Were Failed In Get Baby. So We Both Lived Teasing Mentally. Then My Neighbor Told Me For Go To Doctor Of Vishla Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. For Get Advice from Them. Then I Went To Vishla Agrotech,Bikaner On 25 November 2012 And Met The Concern Doctor And Show My Problem Then He Tested Some Necessary Then They Got To Know That There Was A Lack Of Sperm In My Body And My Wife Was White Leucorrhoea Disease. Check, Depending On The Doctor Started Treating Me And My Wife. 40 Days Later, My Happiness Was Surprised When I Found Out My Wife Is Pregnant. The Doctor Then Stopped Both Medicines. After That I Continued Happily Married Life. In August 2014 I Just Found Out I Am Going To Become A Father Again. I Take Medication For Two Months On A Low Sperm Man Became Whole Sperm Man. I Have Faith In Indigenous Medicines And Those Who Read This Letter To Me Won Me Awake Example Of Faith In The Method Of Looking At Indigenous Medicines And Prevalent In Modern Science As Expensive And Without Guarantee Of IVF And Sperm Of Another Person To Adopt A Child Is To Thrive And Recognition Of Hinduism’s “Seed Of The Child Is Not At Home, He Can Not Fully Comply Culture. With Both Satisfaction And Pride To Me Because My Child Is My Own Seed. The Company’s Doctor Treated Me Not Just For A Few Days Rather Than A Few Days, Life Has Treated. I’ll Re-Request of the Patients Who Suffer like Me Should Try the Old Methodology.

Virendra Taak


Today I Came Back Here Because I See The Doctor Complaining Of Heaviness In The Abdomen And Pelvis. The Investigation Revealed Inflammation In My Prostate Gland And Blood Test All Normal. The Doctor Gave Me The Prostate With Syrup And Some Other Yoga That Moves My Sperms Were Counted And Marital Satisfaction. These Articles Express The Matter Of Coming Generations And The Whole World Will Experience Why I Have Written And Will Write To Me Any Further. Neither This Article Nor My Company Have No Use But You Can Make It By Reading The Old Methodology Is Enriched His Life By Adopting.

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Mrs Sheila Yadav-40yrs-Non Issue of Baby

Patient Review:-

I sheila yadav w/o Sri Akhilesh yadav village sonpur minni tola dist  sarann ,Bihar aged 40yrs . I was married in 2003 but i did not conceive baby so i was always become in distress and i was supposed to conceive so i went to any Dr. suggested by one but after treatment when i did not get result so i become hopeless.

A person by the name satrughan ram who is just my grand father as family relation he suggestred me to go to Dr sambhu singh of hazipur he investigated me properly than given me medicines previously i was discharging black blood but gradually it become in original colour.  I continued that medicine for five days and added two more medicines after taking that my mensuration stopped so i went to check up and found pregnant now on this date 8.12.2013 i am pregnant of four months, as per his suggestions i consulted a ladies Dr. by the name dr. sheela kumari who monthly checks me and prescribed me some tablets of iron and vitamins.

But still oftenly i visit to Dr. sambhu singh.

As i am a illetreite so i am drafting this letter and my husband is writing it.