Sh. Pramod Kumar Srivastav

Name:- Pramod Kumar Srivastav         Age:- 53Years            Add:- Delhi-52


Disease Description:- IIDM Diabetes with liver enlarge with high tryglyceride and border line  high of s. Creatinine.


Treatment Given:-

Dr. Thanki’s Kidney Care Capsule:- 2cap×3times in a day with ‘Anupan’

Dr. Thanki’s Diabetic powder:- 1 tsp ×3times in a day before breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


                                                                                 Treatment Started From 30 July 2015.

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Sameer Kaura-37 Years-Fatty Liver

Name:- Sameer Kaura                   Age:- 36 Years(2016)                 Add:- Delhi


Disease Description:- Fatty Infiltration In Liver Increased and Parenchyma Increased.


Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki’s Liver Care Powder:- 3/4 tsp x 1 time a day mix with water.

Dr.Thanki’s Blood Purifier Capsule:- 1 cap x 3times a day.


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Jaiti Devi-65 Years-Enlargement Liver…….

Name:- Jaiti Devi                Age:- 65 Years                 Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Liver Parenchyma Increased & Fatty Infiltration In Liver.

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Mr Pankaj Kaura-34Yrs-Testiculer Cancer

Name:- Pankaj Kaura                       Age:- 34 Years                Add:- Delhi


Disease Description:-Tesiculer Cancer/Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased.


Treatment Given:

Dr.Thanki’s Kidney Care capsule:- 4cap x 3times a day with anupaan.

Dr.Thanki’s Liver Care Powder :- 3/4tsp x 3times a day mix with water.

Kachnaar Guggule:-  4cap x 3times a day.


Treatment Started From:- 06 March 2015


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