Ramkaran Godara-Kidney Cancer

Name:- Ram Karan Godara       Age:- 40 Years      Add:- Malasar,Bikaner   Disease Description:- Cancer In Kidney and Echo texture is Normal.   Treatment Given:- 1.Dr.Thanki's Tumcan capsule:- 4cap x 3times a day=12 cap daily 2.Kachnaar Guggle:- 4tab x 3times a day=12 daily. 3. Advise:- Strictly Follow Diet Chart. Patient Review   Review from Ram Karan Godara (Kidney patient) My name is “Ram Karan Godara” belong from Malasar,Bikaner,Rajasthan.                Suddenly on dated 29.08.2014, in the night I felt little irritation in urine tube and also felt some Interruption in same palace and sudden severe pain began. The pain was beyond penis. My parents took me to the P.B.M hospital, Bikaner at night. First of all, Doctors gave me primary treatment, which was specifically given medicine to numb me. I was not conscious...
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