Mukesh kumar sharma-HIV AIDS Patient

Patient Review:-Once our company dr went to Pali in Rajathan there through his friend Nandu ji by the name Dr G s sharma an ayurvedacharya BAMS  he explained about the problem of his nephew Mr Mukesh Sharma aged 27 years that time his CD4 count was very low and he was nearly to coma position and admitted to hospital. Our Dr promised him to care him with a better life. You wont belive the patient Mr mukesh sharma never camemay  to our clinic and as discharged from hospital we started our medicine he become put on weight and now he is doing his own business of touring he never felt such problem as he faced in 2010 . Some times he send his reports to us rest we are talking to his uncle Dr g. s. sharma to get updates about him. We hope we will get news of being HIV NEGATIVE in future as he never discontinued our medicine.

we hove in future we

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Mrs. Sunita verma-38yrs- (HIV AIDS Patient)

Patient Review:-

Miss Sunita verma is a HIV-AIDS patient living in rewari. her brother and father are living in bikaner. she wants  hide her name or displaying in website as she was intercourse by another man who was HIV-AIDS positive but we requested their to mention her weight while purchasing medicine from us. we found every time her weight increased. for a long time she did not came but his brother is collecting medicine from us and sending to her.