Satpal G Sharma – 32 yrs – Arthritis – liver and kidney Disease

The patient camr to us 5 years back complaining of gastric and acidity that time our dr suggested to take half tea spoon before lunch and dinner and shivakshar pachan churn half tsp after lunch and dinner. After 6 month he was alright again he got the same problem but he did not come to our clinic he went to different doctors.

the medicine taken by him was not given by expert dr and hence it reacted on kidney.

The patient again come to us our dr investigated and started treatment.

Treatment given.

Dr thanki Amoebitic capsules                                           2 capsules twice a day

Dr thankis oxy ium cap                                                     2 capsules at bed time

Dr thanki kidney care capsules                                        2 capsules in evening

Dr thanki liver care powder                                              1 tsp twice a day





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Smt Pemi Devi-35yrs-(acute arthritis patient with high uric acid)

Patient Review:-

As the patient was not educated and of a poor family we dont investigated much we simply test two parameters and found uric acid high.

Treatment given:

cap Dr Thanki Oxy ium capsules                                              2 capsules at bed time

cap Dr Thanki Arthiritis capsules                                              2 capsules thrice a day

Dr Thanki DVT Protector Add on Vitaliser                                1tsp twice a day

After three month she was alright we stopped the medicine .