Mrs Suman kanwar-29yrs-Gall stone & Leucoria





The lady was too week found in USG Abdomen suffering with Gall stones . Treatment given

cap dexorange 1 daily

tab neurobion forte  1 tab daily

dr thanki’s Leucoria Care powder      as prescribed

dr thanki’s Stone Powder





Jamuna Devi-Gall Bladder Stone

Name:- Jamuna Devi               Age:- 65Years              Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Gall Bladder Stone with Cyst in liver


Treatment Given:- Dr.Thanki’s Stone Powder:- As per advice


                                                                            Treatment Started From 06 July 2015

                                                        Patient Review

photo of jamuna devi

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Smt Saroj Devi-33 Years-Gall Bladder Stone…..

Name:- Smt. Saroj Devi            Age:- 33Years(2016)              Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Gall Bladder Stone


Treatment Given:-

Dr. Thanki’s Stone Powder:- 4tsp.× 6times in a day.


                                                                            Treatment Started From 26 June 2015.

                                                        Patients Review

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Hanifa-61 Years-Gall Bladder IInd Stage…….

Name:-Hanifa                       Age:- 60 Years                       Add:-Pugal, Bikaner

Disease Description:- Gall Bladder 2nd Stage.

Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsules :- 4cap x 3times a day.

Kachnaar Guggule :- 4cap x 3 times a day.

Treatment Started From 27 Jan 2015

Patient Review:-


Review From Rafiq On Behalf Of His Wife Haneefa

               Almost one year ago, Dr.Ashish Joshi treated her and his medicine was good means, she was cured by their medicine.

               45 days ago, abdominal pain began. So we took her at PBM Hospital, Bikaner and showed to Dr.Sitaram Gadhwal in outdoor visit. Doctor did USG and blood tests and after reports came doctor advised us for operation but at that time we did not have the operation.

               After much pain we met to Dr.Salim. He checked her and admitted in to the hospital and did operation. The doctor turned out to GB and made her Biopsy, which received cancer symptoms. Now doctor sent us to “Acharya Tulsi Cancer Center. When we went there, they told us that,” come after opening the stitches of the operation”.

               During this period, our relative told us for take advice from doctor of “Vishla AgroTech Pvt.Ltd. Bikaner. On Dated 27.01.2015, we took the advice of doctor and treatment started with bless of Allah.

               Doctor gave us medicine like below:-

Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule: – 4cap x 3 times a day.

Kachnar Guggle: – 4 cap x 3times a day.

               Without this, he gave us some medicine for lever & Triglyceride because her SGOT & SGPT were high.

               We did CA test of her as per doctor advised and after reports, it came 510 which was too high. As per reports it proves that, cancer cell may be on another palace of body because creatinine came 1.1 and aluminum was found in uric acid. So it would seem, GB’s cancer is little effect on the kidneys.

              Further experience will write next time.



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Sardar singh Rajpurohit-47yrs-Gall bladder stone with edema

Patient Review:-

I sardarsingh s/o late sri dhanisingh rajpurohit residi of dist pali village barwa in july 2013 i was having pain in my stomach so i started treatment from patanjali yogpith but i did not get relief so in the month of october i went falna and there i visited Agarwal hospital; where after sonography detected gall bladder stone .i consulted dr vyas ji he given me some medicine to get relief in pain but advised me to be operate gall bladder he said as stone cant come out so you have to remove gall bladder. I went bikaner but all of a sudden for some work i have to go back to virar and on 14th october as i did not get relief in pain i went to sanjeevani hospital in virar,mumbai where they again taken usg abdomen and declared tere is gall bladder stone and edema in gall bladder. I become worried after listenong that report than my brother in law mr vikas rajpurohit advised me to come to bikaner immediate i came bikaner on 20th october and visited vishla agro tech pvt ltd where there dr saw all reports and advised me to take Dr. thanki’s stone powder for 3 months along with some diet restriction and again go for sonography. I taken regularly the medicine on 1.2.2014 i went for usg abdomen and found there is no any gall bladder stone neither there is any edema. right now i have a problem of acidity only and again the stone should not form so he advised me to take this medicine for six months.

sardarsingh-01 sardarsingh-02rajpurohit2rajpurohit1
sardarsingh-03 sardarsingh-04

Muni ram godara-55yrs-Contracted gall bladder

Patient Review:-

Reviews of “Munni Ram Godara”


This patient was already made an heart operation of valve so the medical doctor did not accepted to give treatment for gall bladder contracted and also they denied to operate the gall bladder so he came to us. We have seen all reports and decided to give him medicine on 28.04.2013 our doctor suggested to take medicine as mentioned below:-

Cap.-Cytozane – 1-1-1 (Ayurvedic Cap.Made by Charak Sahinta)

Dr.Thankis Liver care powder: – ½ tsp mix with water and lit it to settle in night and take early morning empty stomach.

If there is pain in stomach advised for ½ tsp. Kaulanji beed (Onion seed)with water.

Tab. A nkamin-1/2 tab while going to bed.

Dr.Thankis stone powder:- As mentioned in leaf.

After 7 days given :-

Syp. Sorbiline -2 tsp three times a day.

On 3.07.2013 sonography shows gall bladder appends normal and the gall stone utilised as measuring 4.2mm.

Palace:-Bikaner                                                              -: From:-

Date:- 13.10.2014                                                        Munni Ram Godara