Mr Prashant Songara-Age 22 Years-hearing problem from 7 years


20161016_145443Review:- when i was in class 10th at the age of 15 years i feel some problem in waring voice. My father took im to dr. rawat who is a famous e.n.t specialist. he preseribed some medicines, but i and my family members took it in a light way.

But after three years the hearing problem become more crucial gradually it was increasing so again we visited to Dr Rawat he said it is now a complicated case so he suggested for audio metric machine the report came he saw the report and advised me some medicines. As i did not get any recovery so i went to Dr Gaurav gupta after seeing condition and reports he advised me to put hearing aid machine. As he told that this is only option as the hearing nerves are very weak and there is no chance to operate it.From that day onward till to day i am using hearing aid machine though it are very costly and might be obstacle in future study and marriage.

Some days ago i was sitting outside a mall a unknown person asked whether i am having hearing aid machine i said yes than they gave me a mobile number of a Dr who can remove this aid i came back to bikaner and told my father and gave mobile number my father called him he was not a Dr neither he convinced my father.

After some days my parents went in a fair name Vardhman Trade Fair in Gangasahar there they met with Dr raj kumar kochar of vishla agrotech pvt ltd my mom asked him about my problem he told to get your son in clinic if he understood the case he will handle.

To day on 15th october 2016 we came to clinic where the Dr asked me a lot of questions i replied them . After listen answer given by me he explained the problem was from birth and now as i utilizing earphone to listen songs and seeing lot of movies so this is developed in advance stage.Very strongly Dr Raj kumar kochar said yes you can leave hearing aid from to day.

We dont believe so he gave me below mentioned treatment:

1 Tab Evion lc         1 tablet daily

2 Tab Supradyn      1 tablet daily

3  Jolly tulsi drop

4  clear wax ear drops

he get me on EECP machine given 4 drops of jolly tulsi on tongue and 6 drop of clear wax ear drop in both ears and started machine for a set time of 50 minutes during the machine session he gave jolly tulsi on tongue and 6 drop of jolly tulsi in both ears for more 3 times around a gap of 14 minutes. You wont believe the treatment given a fantastic result i could hear voice clear without hearing aid from 60 feet distance . On 16th i again came and the Dr given treatment as last day that day he sent me in open air and the distance was 70 feet i was listening without hearing aid.He asked me to take 10 days treatment and you will be free from machine. I was feeling better and i understood that Dr kochar properly listened my problem and treated properly.

To day is the 10th day of my treatment now i dont require the hearing aid i can talk listen properly without hearing aid only i have problem in listening music and Tv shows the Dr kochar advised me not to listen music an d seeing TV shows he advised to read books ans concentrate on study.

He gave me Dr Thanki Dvt Protector add on vitalizer 1 tsp twice a day and asked me to come for check up again.

Dr Raj kumar kochar advised me that if i dont want to get machine properly attention on study otherwise this my occur again so the treatment is just settle the problem as the heraing nerves are weak so i must get precaution of listening music earphone and TV shows.





Mr.Deep Chand-43 Years- Chronical Eczema ( Skin Eczema)….


I Deep Chand S/o. Shri Hansraj, Village- Shivpura, District- Haridwar, Writing this review of my Skin disease.

Around six years back it started itching in my hand and gradually the skin become hard.

I went to so many Dr. of different path, I did not get relief.

On 6th april I came with my known person to VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER. The Doctor examine properly and said that the Doctor who Treated you were given medicine for Skin Psoriasis but you don’t have skin psoriasis. It is simple skin Eczema and asked me to come back again after 1 month to day on 12-06-2015, I came to VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER. During this two month, I stopped all medicine and taken only medicine advised by Doctor Of VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER. Now I am getting too much relief in my problem now my itching in hand is vanished and the skin become filling with new and soft skin. No there is no cut or and sore on skin. Only after taking medicine for 2 months, I felt too much good. He again given me medicine for 2 months and said if you feel any problem than only come to us or be Enjoy your Life…………………………


Deep Chand


Note:-  He did not come back because over phone he said he is get rid of skin Eczema.

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Yogita Barry- Antiverted Uterus

Name:- Yogita Barry                        Age:- 43 Years            Add:- Amritsar,Punjab



Disease Description:-Antiverted Uterus


Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki’s Leucoria Care:- 3 cap x 4times a day (take one glass chhach and curd)

Dr.Thanki’s Power Plus Capsule:- 1 cap before going to bed.


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Sajani Devi-63 Years-Liver cancer…..

Name:- Sajani Devi                Age:- 63 Years(2016)               Add:- Faloudi ( Jodhpur)


Disease Description:-


Treatment Given:-

Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule:- 3cap x 2 times a day and 2 cap in evening.


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Sushila Devi Garg-68 Years-Steroid…….

Name:- Sushila Devi Garg            Age:- 68 Years(2016)                    Add:- Bikaner



Disease Description:- Pneumatic lungs-Week lungs(Functioning 14%) heart enlarge-Steroid dependent.


Treatment Given:- 


Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule:-  1 cap x 3times a day.


Dr.Thanki’s Oxi-Yum Capsule:- 2 cap x 2times a day.


Dr.Thanki’s Blood Purifier Capsule:- 2 cap x 2 times a day (One day gape)

Dr.Immune Booster:- 1 cap x 1times a day.

Dr.Thanki’s Asthama Powder:- 3/4 tsp lick with 1/2 tsp Honey x 3times a day.

Dr.Thanki’s DVT Protector:- 5gm with 5gm Isabgol x 2 times a day.


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Nirmala Jain-57 Years-Injury/Fracture

Name:- Nirmala Jain                 Age:- 57 Years(2016)             Add:- Ahamdabad


Disease Description:- Interstitial Injury in superior half of subscapularis tendon at insertion with fraying at articular surface.

Acute Hill sach’s fracture with bony bankart’s lesion and associated marrow oedema as described above.

Treatment Given:-

Treatment Started From:- 11 April 2015

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Mr Pankaj Kaura-34Yrs-Testiculer Cancer

Name:- Pankaj Kaura                       Age:- 34 Years                Add:- Delhi


Disease Description:-Tesiculer Cancer/Echotexture of liver parenchyma increased.


Treatment Given:

Dr.Thanki’s Kidney Care capsule:- 4cap x 3times a day with anupaan.

Dr.Thanki’s Liver Care Powder :- 3/4tsp x 3times a day mix with water.

Kachnaar Guggule:-  4cap x 3times a day.


Treatment Started From:- 06 March 2015


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Bhanwar Lal Sharma-70 Years-Prostate….

Name:- Bhanwar Lal Sharma                Age:- 70 Years              Add:- Bikaner


Disease Description:- Anxiety due to Amoebisis-Enlarge prostate and spleen-Mild phobia due to Amoebisis.


Treatment Given:-

Treatment Started From 01 April 2015

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Vandana-Kidney Failure

Name:- Vandana          Age:-35 Years     Add:-Delhi-6


Disease Description:-

Both Kidenys are Contracted-Echo-texture increased with CMD lost.  Already done 55 dialysis and due to Tubercolosis body weight remained-31.5 kg




Treatment Given:-

1.Dr.Thanki’s Kidney Care Capsule:- 3cap x 3time a day= 9 cap daily with ‘Anupan’made by our ‘Trio Herbal Extract:- 500ml daily.
2.Chandra Prabhavati:- 2tab each time (Morning & Evening)=4tab daily.
3.Advice:- Strictly Follow Diet Chart


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