Om Prakash Singh-Brain Cancer/Tumor

Name:- Om Prakash Singh            Age:- 54 Years              Add:- Gazipur.U.P




Disease Description :- Brain Cancer Tumor ( 2nd Stage) Neoplastic Stage.



Treatment Given:- 

Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule :-  1 X 3 times a day.

Kachnar Guggle :- 4 x 2 times a day.

Avoided Items :- Milk , Curd , Sugar & Tools Made From Milk.

Treatment Started From – 14 March 2015

Patient Review


Review from Deepak Singh On Behalf of His Father Om Prakash Singh


               My name is Deepak Singh. My father name is Om Prakash Singh age 54 years. My father has Brain Cancer Tumor. Because of tumor he cannot walk properly, pain in left eye, less of eye vision and ear vision and also complaint of amnesia.

               We concert with neurologist of Banaras then he advised us for operation but we were not agreeing because of cancer tumor. A few days later, my father began to clatter on the right of the face. After this our relative told us about Dr.J.N.Sachan from Kanpur who gave ayurvedic treatment. So we went there and doctor gave us some powder. Father take this power for 11 month but no improvement came.

               Now we saw advertisement in magazine about Lawaniya so we called them but they replied that “we are treated only cancer patient not brain tumor. If you want to find treatment of Tumor then go to “Vishla AgroTech Pvt.Ltd., Bikaner.

               Finally on dated 15.03.2015, we went to Bikaner and met to the doctor of Vishla AgroTech Pvt.Ltd., Bikaner. Doctor gave medicine for 120 days like below:-

Ondoc- 8mg – (1 X 3 times a day).

Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule – 3 X 3times a day.

Kachnaar Guggle – 4 X 2 times a day.

Avoided Itmes:- Milk,Curd,Sugar & tools made from milk.

               Doctor called us back after 120 days. Whatever we have experienced during these 120 days, we will share with you all.


Laxmi Nagaram-44 Years-Brain Tumor…

Name:- Laxmi Nagaram     Age:-44 Years   Add:- Hyderabad


Disease Description:- Brain Tumor-Meningiomass


Trearment Given:-


1. Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule:- 3cap x 3 times a day = 9 cap daily

2. Kachnaar Guggle:- 3cap x 3times a day = 9cap daily



Patient Review



Varsha Malik-28 Years-Brain Tumor…..

Name:- Versha Malik        Age:- 28 Years       Weight- 43 kg     Add:- Shamli,U.P

Disease Discription:- Brain Tumor(Meningioma) with less vision.Tumor Size- 22x25x18.

Treatment Given:- Dr.Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule:- 3cap x 3 times a day= 9cap daily
Kachnaar Guggle:- 3cap x 3times a day = 9cap daily

                                                            Patient Review:-


Smt. Jani Devi Rathi-47yrs- Brain Tumor

Patient Review:-

Reviews of Ganesh Kumar Rathi On Behalf Of His Wife Jana Devi Rathi


I am Ganesh kumar rathi from Bikaner. On month July 2013 my wife felt high pain in her head And she fainted several times. We have understood the epileptic attack. So on dated 12.07.2014 we tested of CT scan then we found that there was a lump in her head and uric acid also increased. As advised by a friend of my son, we went to office of “Vishla Agroc Tech Pvt. Ltd, \at Bikaner.  and showed all the reports to doctor after that he gave us medicine for 45 days. During these 45 days my wife was no on attack. After 45 days doctor stopped these medicine and only started “Kachnaar Google”. 22 days after the last drug to stop the attack of unconsciousness once again. So doctor advised to take 5 injection of menitol. During October 2013 she got attack again and again then doctor started previous medicine course for 45 days as given at first. After 45 days again he stopped medicine and gave advised to take only “Kachnaar Google. Then during kachnaar google attack did not came again for long time.

Now on 25 march 2014 she got again an attack during the house work so we went to doctor and he tested CT scan and found that uric acid was in under control and lump was better than previous reports. Now doctor gave us 30 days medicine course and after this give advised to take kachnaar google. After this my wife taking only “Kachnaar google”yet.

Now my wife doing her house work properly and she is not look like a lump patient. At this time she has no problems and doctor advised for don’t do any test. I surprised that her life going properly only on “Kachnaar google”.

I want to say that whom person who are reading my this review that “if you have this type disease than go to treat via Ayurvedic  process and don’t go for operation because it is very costly. In my opinion operation is too costly and it’s not a good treatment because by the operation process only 15 % patients get success. So I seeing all activities of my wife and i am writing only that which is truth.

I hope in future my wife will be completely good and ok and i will share my next experience with all of you.

Palace:-Bikaner                                                              -: From :-

Date:-                                                                      Ganesh Kumar Rathi

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Miss Ganga Bhargava-13yrs- Brain Abcess

English translation of ganga bhargava review

My name is ganga bhargava d/o shri shiv lall bhargava aged 13 years residing at Napasar village.  am a student of class 5th in the month of june 2013 i suffered with fever and taken medicine as prescribed by resident Dr. of my village but within a short period i was feeling headache as well as having vomiting than my father took me to govt. hospital of Bikaner name P B M hospital where i went in OPD section where some Dr. by the name Mr. soni advised me to go for C.T.Scan of my brain.  I went to Maharaja C T Scan centre where they done my C T Scan and as a result found abscess in my brain this was of 28.6.2013 than my father again consulted Dr. who advised to go for C E C T, and M.R.I. test of my brain but the cost was too high and my father is a poor person so we did not go for that tests and came back to our village where some relative advised us to go to this company as they have already treated one patient by the Dr. of that company. On 1st july 2013 we went to this company where Dr. advised for some simple blood test and after that they given me medicine with some precautions and asked me to come after 50 days. We came to this company on 26.8.2013 where the Dr. examined properly and advised for C T Scan of brain in which found normal brain  the abcess was not there at all this report done at Bhargava diagnostic centre report no 966 of 26.8.2013.


This case was referred by Govt hospital P B M to me i observed and its very crucial condition it was post typhoid condition a side effect to the young girl she was only 13 Th years and weight was 22 kg. the very first day i asked his father to come next day he was weeping as the modern Dr already given highly antibiotic to her but nothing recover.

I read in research paper of Mamphal and found it works in abscess i asked her to take 4 capsule a day divided in two parts as two capsule twice a day and stopped milk curd and sugar.

After 45 days we gone for check up and found purely abscess was nil from brain.

GOD HELPED HER BY OUR Dr Thanki’s Tum-Can Capsule a miracle and unbelievable for modern science.

Dr Raj kumar kochar




Smt Kanchan devi joshi-28yrs ( Brain tumor patient-operated- 9 years back)


I Ashok tiwari caste brahimn resident of Nokhamandi. My sister kanchan devi is suffering from brain tumor in the beginning she was having a problem of semi epilepsy condition and we gone for check up to some doctors they were giving some medicines but when the condition does not controlled and still she was having that similar attacks repeatedly than and she was claiming of headache. After one year she lost eyesight of one eye,than we consulted in PBM hospital where Dr. Arvind vyas who suggested for MRI and C T  Scan of brain and she diagnosed as having brain tumor.

Than we contacted neurosurgeon Dr. L.N.Agarwal who operated and said she is now out of danger. After that my sister was fine without having pain in brain but the eyesight did not recovered.. And the Dr. told us that her eye is damaged and will not be cure in future. But just after 3-4 years spent she again getting pain in her brain and again she become get those epileptic conditional attacks. we again consulted Dr and they told us that tumor is again formed and it increasing gradually and we started medicines they suggested. we avoided operation and treated with medicines only but after 4 years the attacks repeated again and again than Dr. advised to go for surgery.

They warned me that if we don’t do so than there is a chance of brain hemorrhage. than i came to know about this company and its doctors . we met with them on 22.5.2013 and deliberated all to them they suggested to have ct scan as current and we went to maharajah MRI Scan center and they diagnosed tumor size as 64x43x32 this report was advised by Dr Sushil acharya . After seeing the reports Dr of this company advised that do not worry and take medicine for 40 days than check tumor size if it does not decreases than option of surgery is open to you for patients.

we convenience and started medicine and after 41 days we went to Bhargava Memorial diagnostic center to get ct scan of my sister. on 12.7.2013 we made ct scan where tumor size found decreased as 50x45x29 this report was duly given bY Dr Anand bihani (radiologist) during that period neither my sister got any pain in brain neither she had any attack of epileptic condition and she was looking some healthy also..

Impression: after operation or there is some changes in hormones or for some other reasons she was having some irregular mensuration. She become having mensuration after an interval of 5 or 6 months. as we are 5 sister and brothers and no one suffered by these type of disease my parents are also not having such disease so i would like to let you know that this is not a genetic disease.

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Prem Hans Lakhara(Brain Tumor-Cancer)Age – 40yr


Mr.Prem Hans Lakhara is patient of Brain Tumor (Malignant) he was first found before 10 years as dis-command over his brain he often use to do awkward events which shows him as mad so the family members took him to the doctors at jodhpur and treated by some medicine and become cured. For the last ten years the medicine was already given to him and was controlled.

Though those medicines were continued but again he found same symptom as it was in starting period. The family members took him to Jodhpur doctors they advised him to go to Ahmadabad where he declared as brain tumor patient and some free fluid found in his brain. The surgeon of Ahmadabad planted a pipe from brain to stomach to discharge free fluid from brain. They prescribed some medicines also. This happens in January 2013.

They advised to give radiation to him. But the family denied and as they don’t have such money to go for radiation.

As the doctors of Ahmadabad has declared the tumor as cancer tumor the family members become hopeless. He was having a complaint of blurred vision or vision loss, bad smell in mouth always, headache which occurred often, he could not sit properly in his job as he is doing the job of making garland of small bids so eyesight should be proper, he was claiming of sex power. One of his brother in law by name Murlidhar lakhara who  is residing at jodhpur. He was informed by any person of Pali about us and they took him to our company.

They took him to our company on 28 Mar 2013 and delivered this history. Our Dr. suggested for check up of some blood parameters of the patient . Almost all parameters were within limits but S creatinine and blood urea were in higher side shows effect on renal section.

Our doctor started treatment and tell him to come back after 25 days. He again came on 23 rd April and our doctor this time advised to check blood parameters,USG Abdomen, and CT Scan of his brain.

In report of CBC only eosoniphill was on higher side ,SGOT SGPT were also within limits but uric acid was on higher side, USG Abdomen shows quite Norma. CT Scan shows a evidence of hypo-dense mid line mass measuring 16×15 mm. also there was evidence of mild left parietal subdural fluid collection .

Our doctors prescribed medicine for another month and ask him to come after one month.

He returned on 22nd May and again our doctors advised some checks. The report shows SGOT SGPT Blood Urea, S. Creatinine, Uric acid under well controlled limits. CBC shows all parameters in limit except W B C was in higher side. CT Scan shows some reduction in size of tumor. Our Dr. advised him to come after one month.

He returned on 20th June and this time he went for testing of urine and some general blood parameters. Urine complete report was normal. CBC shows normal but some higher side of W B C and at margin the uric acid level.

He returned on 31st July and now our doctor again advise for some tests in CBC the W B C was controlled tremendously, very few higher level of ESR was observed, SGOT SGPT Cholesterol Blood Urea S. C creatinine was found well controlled but uric acid was still on within the limit but in higher side. CT Scan shows there is no evidence of free fluid in any region and tumor also reduced as it shows calcified mass so he is out of danger now. Now he is quite fine he did not have any complaint as he explained when he came on our company first time.

The calcified mass may be surrounded to pipe planted by Ahmadabad surgeon in his brain.

Address -> Prem Hans lakhara s/o Bhanwar Lal ji lakhara,

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